Fans of Knives: November 24, 2021

With 9.2 being datamined by the good folks at Wowhead (can be found here), we decided now would be a good time to revive Fan of Knives. There’s some exciting future changes to talk about, and as...

Subtlety Rogue guide

Talents: Single target: Mythic+ / Cleave: Note: Premeditation and WM are interchangeable, this means both are valid options.

Fans of Knives: November 11, 2020

Finally, we have a pre-patch, we have a pre-expansion event, and we are getting our daggers in a row for our excursion to the Shadowlands. And yes, there is lots to talk about. So let's hit it.

Fans of Knives: August 26, 2020

Beta beta beta! aka Bugs bugs bugs! With Rogues having at last received all of their new systems for Shadowlands, we finally have something to talk about. Rogues have traditionally had such a solid core that we...

Raising Funds to Support Survivors of Sexual Violence

Like so many other gaming communities that prioritize equal respect and rights for people regardless of their sex or gender, we've been shaken at Ravenholdt by recent revelations of sexual assault and gaslighting among high-profile WoW players...

Fans of Knives: June 18, 2020

As Alpha testing moves along and Rogues are finally allowed in Torghast, there is a fair amount to talk about. But first, a few "retail" things. But, before we get to all that,...

Turning Red: An Interview with Author Dom Sacco

Esports writer and founder of Esports News UK, Dom Sacco, has turned his hand to fiction writing and has published a book about his World of Warcraft RP Outlaw Rogue. I had the immense pleasure of getting...

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