About Ravenholdt

Ravenholdt is the go-to resource for WoW players new and old looking to make the most of their rogue experience. We are the only fansite that brings together the brightest rogue player minds to focus exclusively on the class.

At Ravenholdt, you will find:

  • Guides and resources (primarily focused on PvE) for everything from the hardcore raider to players who are completely new to the class.
  • Active theorycrafting discussion, featuring top rogue math and theory mavens.
  • A class Discord for conversation about the issues that matter most to our class.
  • Blogs, class news updates and analyses from experienced, knowledgeable¬†rogue players.

The team that brings you Ravenholdt is a close-knit community of like-minded WoW players who care deeply about the rogue class and want to help people get the most out of playing a rogue.

The Shadows Behind the Curtain

Ravenholdt was founded in 2014 by Fierydemise, Haileaus, Paryah, and Rfeann — four veteran WoW players who especially adored the rogue class, were also pretty fond of each other, and wanted to create a fun and supportive community for other people who enjoyed playing a rogue.

Ravenholdt initially existed only as an IRC channel (for those of you who remember the good old days of text-only chat), but this website quickly followed, and we eventually expanded into the vast universe of Discord, where most of our day-to-day efforts are currently focused.

Blizzard OK’d our use of the Ravenholdt name, btw. (The logo is our own creation; it’s not a Blizzard trademark.) But if it feels cool to imagine that at any moment their legal department could smash through a window and crash this party, then keep living your best fantasy life, my friend.

Everyone who works for, on, or alongside Ravenholdt — whether it’s on this site, Discord, Twitter, or wherever else you may find us lurking — is a volunteer chipping in during their spare time. There’s only two ways we make money: through our Patreon and from a small percentage of proceeds we get from our merch store. Every dollar we get goes right back into the fees we pay to keep the Discord and this website running.

Speaking of everyone who works for/on Ravenholdt, our admin-type folks are as follows:

Shadows (i.e., the elder council)

  • Aethys
  • Fierydemise (emeritus)
  • Paryah
  • Rfeann
  • Rosvall
  • Stjern

Shadowblades (the folks who keep our Discord humming)

  • Fuu
  • Ronkles
  • Shiennar
  • Zine

Community Figures

We also would be an empty shell of a rogue community resource without the class experts and community leaders who go above and beyond to serve as both an example and a source of wisdom for rogue players, whether it’s in our Discord or on this site:

  • Foreverguy
  • Kojiyama
  • Loktark
  • Mystler
  • Nameless Fairy
  • Scath
  • Seliathan
  • Solo
  • Vel
  • wEak

Contact Us

If you’re interested in writing a blog or contributing to the website, please contact Paryah on the Ravenholdt Discord or at paryah @ ravenholdt.net.

If you have a tip for our news column, please shoot an email to fans @ ravenholdt.net.

For problems with this site, please contact Paryah on the Ravenholdt Discord or at paryah @ ravenholdt.net.

Most of our other contributors can be contacted through the Ravenholdt Discord.