Blizzard has increased the item level of loot from the new Patch 10.2 world boss Aurostor the Hibernator.

Aurostor Model


Aurostor follows a strict regiment of sleep. Fyrrak’s assault on the Emerald Dream has disturbed this cycle, rousing the Furbolg Wild God from his slumber too soon. In a sleep deprived state, this raging Wild God attacks any passersby in an attempt to wear himself out.

Loot Table

Previously, the world boss dropped item level 454 1/8 Champion gear. However, now the item level of loot has been updated to 460 3/7 Champion.

Flame-Etched Breastplate (Plate Chest)

Mossen Rage Waistguard (Mail Waist)

Crown of Freya’s Chosen (Mail Head)

Grasps of Awakened Fury (Leather Hands)

Restful Dozer’s Shoes (Cloth Feet)

Slumbering Ursine Talisman (Neck)

Forgotten Jalgar’s Girdle (Plate Waist)

Aurostor’s Sleeping Knickers (Cloth Legs)

Rousing Earth Striders (Leather Feet)