With 9.2 being datamined by the good folks at Wowhead (can be found here), we decided now would be a good time to revive Fan of Knives. There’s some exciting future changes to talk about, and as well as some really interesting videos by some of the Rogue community’s favorites. Also, let me take the time to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to all our NA Rogues!

You Tube Content Producers

Marcelian Online has been a great source for the entire WoW community for a while now. Earlier this month he released a great “all you need to know” guide for 9.1.5. Marcelian also released several Rogue related videos this tier, including the State of Assassination with Ravenholdt’s very own Mystler and Whispyr.

Next up is The Red Rogue himself, Zeratüle. As always, Zeratüle delivered with quality content for the WoW community. His video on the Rogue Tier Set Effects is well done and has some interesting takes on all three Rogue tier sets. Along with that, his preview for Legion Timewalking is superb—he has other cool videos as well, including his preview of an addon that tracks renown for every covenant!


The good folks at Wowhead have kept up with being the best resource for anything WoW-related, and they managed to showcase how dedicated they are to being the best with their super quick datamining of the 9.2 PTR. They have a plethora of goodies that have been datamined, but we’ll keep the link spam to just the Rogue stuff. I’d also like to throw a shout out to RH’s very own Whispyr, ForeverGuy, and Fuu on taking over the different spec guides, ensuring that the WoW community as a whole is given the best information available.

Method Gaming’s Class Guides

As everyone in RH knows, our very own Ceverion reached the pinnacle of raiding this tier by joining Method. Although Cev has recently retired from hardcore raiding due to real life, he has left a lasting legacy with Method by ensuring that their Rogue Class Guides are top notch and full of amazing information for any Rogues looking to find that extra bit of performance. The Assassination guide was written by Cev himself and updated by Whispyr, and as anyone who hangs around #assassination knows—they both know their stuff. The Outlaw guide was written by Pirate Extraordinaire ForeverGuy and is the quality you’d expect from Guy. Finally, the Sub Guide was written by the Sub Legend himself, Pushnoir. It’s always good to have a number of great resources, and we’re blessed to have an amazing assortment of gamers in our Rogue ranks. Be sure to check out the Method Guides—they have good boss specific information for those of you still progressing through the raid!


Whispyr put together a great resource for all rogues with the Book of Shadows. It was a collaborative effort with Ceverion, Dadsen, and Oxi in order to provide an exhaustive list of defensive usages to make your life easier. It’s continuously getting updated (yes even when Blizzard decides to change things in dungeons without telling anyone) and it provides everyone in the community a chance to contribute. Check out the Book of Shadows below:


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