Finally, we have a pre-patch, we have a pre-expansion event, and we are getting our daggers in a row for our excursion to the Shadowlands. And yes, there is lots to talk about. So let’s hit it.

You Tube Content Producers

Marcelian Online has a few new guides up including this little gem for Subtlety. It’s what we all want to hear, right?

The Red Rogue has plenty of Shadowlands Beta coverage. Check out their channel for the latest.

Infexious has new content including some pretty fun stuff:

We have a new YouTube Channel to pay attention to: Crim WoW Rogue Guides. Check this rogue out!

Rogue Sites

Russian Rogues, here is a treat for you! DarkCaT of the Russian Rogue Discord has created a Russian Rogue site. Check out the Chamber of Shadows: guides, streamers, useful links and more.


Wowhead has all of the things. You know they do. Lately they have been producing Best Covenant and Best Legendary picks for Shadowlands, updated after every build. Check out what we may be choosing today, and check back again to see if that changes. While you are at it, check out the updated Rogue Class Guides by Mystler:


Last but most assuredly not least, Fuu has our Subtlety guide updated for the Pre-Patch.


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