Fans of Knives: August 26, 2020

Beta beta beta! aka Bugs bugs bugs! With Rogues having at last received all of their new systems for Shadowlands, we finally have something to talk about. Rogues have traditionally had such a solid core that we tend to get left to last when it comes to changes. That doesn’t mean we don’t need changes though. The new systems introduced for Shadowlands are super-buggy where we are concerned, but lets talk about that. Literally.

Three very capable rogues, Mystler, Kojiyama, and Undad, sat down with Sloot to talk about Shadowlands, the changes to our class, the additional systems, and yes, the bugs. Check it out, this is long but worth the watch:

If you are wondering what they are talking about, check out Wowhead for details on rogue Class Changes as well as the new systems: Covenant Abilities, Soulbind Conduits, Legendaries, and Torghast Anima Powers.


Infexious has been super busy testing every angle of Shadowlands, including organized Raid testing for Castle Nathria. Check out our collection of his Alpha/Beta content or his YouTube channel for all of his findings.

Have you watched The Red Rogue? This rogue produces nifty newsletter content as well as details on Shadowlands systems. Check them out:


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