In Patch 10.2, players can collect 8 new Dragon Glyphs to unlock 3 Dragonriding traits!

Collecting all 8 Dragon Glyphs in the Emerald Dream grants the Emerald Dream Glyph Hunter achievement!

The new Dragonriding abilities available in Patch 10.2 are:

Swift Skimming (Passive): Ground Skimming can occur now while affected by Thrill of the Skies.

Wind’s Respite (Passive): After activating Aerial Halt, experience a brief moment of weightlessness as the effects of gravity are reduced for 4 seconds.

Second Wind (Active, 3 charges, 3 minute recharge): Instantly generate 1 vigor. 

Now comes the most important part. Where are the glyphs located? Here’s a map that we prepared for you that will soon be added to our existing Dragon Glyphs guide.

If you don’t want to bother with Glyph locations, we recommend you to download AzerPUG’s Dragonrider addon when Patch 10.2 launches!