Fans of Knives: Special Edition Nov 15, 2019 by Paryah (@One_Rogue) - It has been a long while since we've had a Fans Special Edition, but here we are. What, you might ask, is deserving of a Special Edition? Is it something neat from Blizzard? Is it a spectacular return of a beloved fan resource? Nope, it's academics. The opportunity to learn about IRL from our amazing other lives doesn't happen every day and Kermoondia is giving us the chance to do just that. Hi everybody! I'm a data science student, and for my Honors capstone I am researching motivations and play styles in WoW relative to demographics, play style, and socialization.… ... Read More
Fans of Knives: November 13, 2019 Nov 13, 2019 by Paryah (@One_Rogue) - Aaaand Fans goes monthly. That's ok, when things pick up, so will we. So what has happened in the last month? BlizzCon, that's what. Next expansion announcement. And a few… ... Read More
Fans of Knives: October 10, 2019 Oct 10, 2019 by Paryah (@One_Rogue) - Well now it's been a slow few weeks, hasn't it. But things actually did happen. Like patch 8.2.5, Rise of Azshara, dropped. Updated character models gave a few of us… ... Read More
Fans of Knives: September 11, 2019 Sep 11, 2019 by Paryah (@One_Rogue) - Classic, Classic, Classic! Get your Classic rogue guides right here: The Classic Rogue   If you aren't already a member of our Discord, come on over and join the conversation:… ... Read More


Battle for Dazar’alor: A Rogue DPS Guide Jan 21, 2019 by Tisumi - Battle for Dazar’alor is the second raid in Battle for Azeroth. The raid covers a lot of different fighting styles, pure Single Target (ST), small… ... Read More
Quick Guide to Rogue Changes in 8.1 Dec 10, 2018 by Paryah (@One_Rogue) - Patch 8.1 brings minor tweaks and a few straight up changes to the rogue kit. Tl;dr: While all three spec have changes, the biggest are… ... Read More
All in One Mythic Zul Guide for Sub Rogues Oct 22, 2018 by Liavre - Welcome to the All in One Mythic Guide to Zul in the Uldir raid! This guide should sort you out with most if not all… ... Read More
These Daggers Tho: A talk with Made It Up Studios’ Martin Veznaver Sep 18, 2018 by Paryah (@One_Rogue) - If you've been hanging out on Twitter, you may have seen previews of Martin Veznaver's Assassination Artifact Weapons in process. This pro-maker has created an… ... Read More
Uldir Tips & Tricks Sep 14, 2018 by Kistler - Hello! Kistler here, back with this tier's short rundown of Raid Tips & Tricks for Battle for Azeroth's first raid: Uldir. Happy raiding! Italicized mechanics still… ... Read More
Rogues in the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch: What’s Changing Jul 25, 2018 by Rfeann (@sveltekumquat) - It's finally here: the most awkward month in WoW.   With the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch, a.k.a. Patch 8.0.1, landing on July 17, a four-week… ... Read More