Fans of Knives: Our Weekly News Roundup for June 9th, 2015

Class Updates: In the last week we got a talent change in the PTR Patch Notes:

  • Deadly Throw now reduces the target’s movement speed by 70% (up from 50%) but no longer interrupts spellcasting when used with 5 combo points.

And a spokesperson on the developers’ Twitter account weighed in on their reasoning:


What to Watch: Sny updated his Sub one-shot macro for 6.2:


Forum Talk: Assassination has been our #3 spec in Warlords of Draenor thus far. Have you tried it out on the 6.2 PTR yet? What are your thoughts on Assassination going forward and what do you hope for from our Poison Master spec? Hop into the forum and tell us what you think:

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