Fans of Knives: Our Weekly News Roundup for January 27th, 2015

The mighty streak of Rogue hotfixes may be coming to an end but the last week saw a couple of instance hotfixes that apply to us:

6.0.3 Hotfixes: January 21:

  • Highmaul: Tectus: Resolved an issue where several mobs during the encounter did not reset the cooldown on Marked for Death (Rogue Talent) when killed.
  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds: Bonemaw: Rogues should now be able to use the Death from Above talent against Carrion Worms and Bonemaw.


The WarcraftDevs Twitter account addressed a question regarding how Versatility works with Recuperate:

Rfeann looks into our future with a nice summary of Rogue changes for 6.1 on the PTR, and what they might mean for us:


And Anne Stickney at WoW Insider gives us details with screenshots on one of those changes:


An informal poll by lyphe on MMO-Champion suggests that a majority dislike the positional requirements on Backstab:


…and that’s the news for the last week in the Rogue Community. If you have a Rogue oriented blog or guide, or know of a nice piece of Rogue community news, be sure to let us know on our forums.