Fans of Knives: February 28, 2017

This week we continue to work through the Nighthold while many look forward to 7.2.

Rfeann checked out Warcraft Logs to gauge how rogues are faring in Nighthold:


And @Sathrovarr and @Elving joined forces to write a Subtlety guide on Rogue DPS Guide:


7.2 News:

Outlaw rogues should feel a little love in 7.2:


MMO Champion checked out our new class mount:

As did Wowhead, who also have details on the acquisition of both the mount and our class pet:


Wowhead also has a preview of our Tier 20 set, Fanged Slayer’s Armor:


Finally, good news for transmoggers: Wowhead also reports that we may be getting more pieces of the Artful Dodging set in 7.2:


And that was the week, that was – now back to your usual stabbery.

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