Blasted Lands Loot Guide

In addition to the gear available from the new UBRS which we mentioned a few days ago, the Blasted Land Questline is rewarding a few ilevel 515 to 520 pieces for those who may find them useful:

Item ilevel Gear Slot Quest
Invader’s Scarlet Seal 515 Ring Attack of the Iron Horde
Skulltooth Collar 515 Neck Lunatic Lieutenants
Chain of Evasion 515 Neck Lunatic Lieutenants
Wildfire Windcloak 515 Cloak Toothsmash the Annihilator
Night Prowler’s Cloak 515 Cloak Toothsmash the Annihilator
Talisman of the Invader 520 Trinket Gar’mak Bladetwist


While most of the Iron Horde mobs don’t have pockets to pick, be sure to pickpocket the named quest mobs, Rukah the Machinist, Gar Steelcrush, and Mokrik Blackfingers to get your Secretive Whistle. Pickpocketing now yields miscellaneous soulbound items. Once you have the Secretive Whistle, you can summon Griftah and fence those items for a new currency, Dingy Iron Coins. Griftah will give out quests to exchange the Dingy Iron Coins for gold.