Fans of Knives: March 6, 2018

Besides Battle for Azeroth Alpha testing and a new battleground, The Seething Shore, (check it out!) there really isn’t much rogue news to report. Also, I’m on a ship in the middle of the Cook Strait, so this is when I remind you about some of the wonderful resources run by rogues that we have available.

Ravenholdt (yup, right here) is our rogue community website. You can find guides, op eds, links to resources, and more. You can even buy a Ravenholdt t-shirt, sweatshirt, tank top, or mug. Check out these recent highlights:

Ravenholdt Discord is the place to go for rogue oriented chat and socializing. Hop on over, introduce yourself, and say Hi to our wonderful mods.


The people’s rogue, Infexious, has a You Tube channel. Besides guides and analysis, he has opinions, mythic runs with commentary, speculation, and more. Even better, he talks like a dwarf, for real. Check out his channel and if you like what you see, support him on Patreon:


For World of Warcraft news and Battle for Azeroth Alpha highlights as well as robust live and datamined databases, head over to Wowhead. Whatever you want to know about WoW, there is a good chance you’ll find it on Wowhead. If you don’t like the ads, consider buying a subscription. For $1 a month it’s a heck of a deal for all of the content that former rogue (she went DH for Legion, but we aren’t giving her up) Perculia and her hard-working staff produce:


For more World of Warcraft news as well as coverage of other Blizzard titles, op eds, lore, podcasts, and The Queue, check out Blizzard Watch. If you love their content, support their Patreon. At least two of their core staff main rogues, so stop by and give a friendly daggers-up to Alex Ziebart and Anne Stickney:


For character optimization, one of the must-use websites is rogue-run Hero Damage. Aethys and Mystler, a couple of our top theorycrafters, have created this fantastic tool for rogues, and recently expanded it to work for all classes:


ShadowCraft has been another must-use character optimization tool for rogues. Started years ago, this terrific site is currently maintained by Tamen and Aeriwen:


And finally, Bay isn’t a rogue (we like him anyway) but he hosted three of our best and brightest, Gray_hound, Mystler, and Kojiyama on his show recently. Check out Final Boss TV for class and raid talk. Again, if you like what you see, consider supporting his Patreon:


Follow this week’s contributors on Twitter:

The internet is full of wonderful rogues doing wonderful things and producing interesting content that furthers the interests and community of our class. Fans of Knives is Ravenholdt’s weekly community news roundup that links to the contributions of these rogues for your viewing pleasure. If you have produced rogue related content, feel free to email us at and we will check it out. If you include “Fans” in the subject line we will be sure to see it.