Fans of Knives: June 26, 2019

Unless you are living under a rock (and if you are, that’s ok) you know that 8.2 is live and Azshara is finally raising her ugly head…and that means we need to prepare to kick her tentacles…

Our guides are being updated as we speak with wEak’s Subtlety guide leading the pack:

The new thing this patch: Essences. Mystler has the deets along with his updated guides on Wowhead:

For those who prefer their guides GrayHound flavored, Icy Veins also has deets and updated guides:

Azshara’s Eternal Palace, the new raid, isn’t open yet, but Mizerok has updated his Azerite spreadsheet in anticipation of those lovely new drops:

Ravenholdt Discord: Our lovely TCers are implementing Sims updates. Check out #tc-research and #tc-updates for the latest Sims news. For all essence overviews there’s a new bot command !Essence. Try it out in the spec channels. Richard has updated the pins – check them for a fantastic professions guide as well as 8.2 pre-raid prep and other useful information on the new areas written by Tirrill from Trueshot Lodge (Yes, Richard is a secret Hunter – Sssh!).

And in all this bustle, a few new pieces of RH merch have slid into the store…

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