Subtlety Guide

Subtlety is based on abusing Shadow Dance and Stealth to deal great amounts of damage in short periods of time.

Symbols of Death
Increases all damage you deal by 25% and generates 40 energy over the duration of 10 seconds.


Shadow Dance
Allows the user to use all abilities and passives that requires the stance Stealth. This effect lasts for 3 seconds and has 2 charges.


Shadow Blades
Empowers your weapons, causing auto attacks to deal Shadow damage and abilities that generate combo points to generate 1 additional combo point. Lasts for 15 seconds.


Mastery: Executioner
Increases the damage done by your finishing moves by x%.


Shuriken Storm
Spray shurikens at all targets within 10 yards, dealing physical damage. Damage of this ability is increased by 200% while Stealth or Shadow Dance is active and awards 1 combo point for each target hit.


Strike through the shadows, appearing behind your target and dealing physical damage. This ability teleports you to your target’s location.


Finishing move which deals bleed damage over time, slows the target for 50% during its duration, and increases the damage you deal to the target with the debuff by 15%. Damage and duration are increased per combo point spent.


Main combo point builder. This is replaced by Gloomblade if talented.


Finishing move which deals physical damage. Damage is increased per combo point spent.


Shadow Techniques
Your auto attacks have a chance to generate a combo point.


Step behind the target, granting you 70% increased movement speed for 2 seconds.


Deepening Shadows
Your finishing moves reduce the remaining cooldown on Shadow Dance by 2.5 seconds per combo point spent.

Tier 15 talents

Tier 30 talents

Tier 45 talents

Tier 60 talents

Every talent can be used depending on your job in the encounter.

Tier 75 talents

Mostly PvP talents, however Prey on the Weak will be used most of the time, as it increases damage on targets affected by our Cheap Shot by 10%.

Tier 90 talents

Tier 100 talents



Cast Death from Above together with Finality, Shadow Dance, and Symbols of Death.
Make sure you have a Shadow Dance ready every time these abilities are off cooldown.
Don’t ever overcap on Shadow Dance charges.

Video presenting how the use Death from Above correctly:


Noteable change from old Subtlety

Shuriken Storm does 100% increased damage whilst Stealthed. This means that it’s worth to cast this in Stealth/Subterfuge/Shadow Dance, IF cast when there are two or more targets!



Agility > Mastery > Versatility > Crit > Haste

Note that the stat priority will change a lot, depending on the amount of your secondary stats. You don’t want to get too much of stat A, as then stat B will outshine it. Sim your character to see upgrades!



Neck enchant: Mark of the Hidden Satyr

Ring enchant:  Depends on your stat. Buy a: “Binding of x stat”.

Cloak enchant: Binding of Agility



Flask: Flask of the Seventh Demon

Potion: Potion of the Old War

Food: Stat food, choose whatever stat is highest valued for you.


Subtlety gets the artifact called: Fangs of the Devourer which grants us the ability: Goremaw’s Bite. We can store 3 relics in our artifact, two Fel and one Shadow.

Our artifact tree looks like the following:


What traits do we get and what do they do?

(This section does not include simple damage increases to spells)


Embrace of Darkness
When you enter Stealth, you gain a shield which absorbs damage equal to your attack power.


Flickering Shadows
Activating Sprint and then taking no damage and dealing no damage for three seconds, will activate Vanish without triggering its cooldown.


After using Nightblade or Eviscerate, your next use of that finishing move is empowered.


Catlike Reflexes
Increases dodge chance by 15% and makes you immune to falling damage.


Second Shuriken
Shuriken Storm has a chance per target hit to deal additional physical damage to that targets.


Shadow Nova
When you exit Stealth, you explode, dealing shadow damage to all nearby enemies.


Akaari’s Soul
After you use Cheap Shot or Shadowstrike, Akaari’s Soul appears 4 seconds later and Soul Rips the target, dealing shadow damage.


Artifact build path

This will show you the optimal build path: how to get the most DPS out of your Artifact as fast as possible.

After 35 traits

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