Fans of Knives: October 25, 2016

Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan launches today and patch notes are up. Check out the rogue changes which have Outlaw probably pulling back into the lead as spec of choice:

Patch Notes: World of Warcraft 7.1: Return to Karazhan: Rogue

  • Kingsbane now generates 1 combo point.
  • Hemorrhage, Marked for Death, and Ghostly Strike show up on the caster’s nameplates.
  • The cast time for all Assassination poisons has been reduced to 1.5 seconds (was 3 seconds).
  • Outlaw
    • ​Saber Slash damage increased by 10%.
    • Pistol Shot damage increased by 10%.
    • Ghostly Strike damage increased by 10%.
    • Blunderbuss damage increased by 10%.

Fierydemise did the math:


Also note that there are changes to the leveling experience, including:

  • Rogues will start leveling with an ability that attacks with one weapon and generates one combo point. Rogues who choose Assassination specialization will replace that ability with Mutilate at level 40.


And earlier in the week we received a nice little hotfix:

Hotfixes: October 19

  • Il’gynoth: Rogues will no longer end up inside Il’gynoth’s core when attacking it with Shadowstrike or Killing Spree.


On the latest episode of Final Boss, Bay of FinalBossTV sat down with Aethys, Xaryen, and Vigilate to talk about rogues in Legion:

And Sativ has an Arena guide for Assassination:


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