Final Ravenholdt Battle for Azeroth Beta Key Giveaway: Cloak of Doodles

It’s time for our third — and, sadly, final — Battle for Azeroth beta key giveaway! For our last big beta bash, fellow rogues, it’s time to take out a different set of hidden blades: your paintbrushes.

How To Enter

  1. Head over to the Ravenholdt Discord #announcements channel. You’ll see a post at the bottom of the channel from @GiveawayBot. Click on the :tada: emote comment just below it. If the number next to the :tada: turns blue, you have completed step one. If not, try again.
  2. Pick a look on your rogue. Could be a transmog you like, could be your armory. Open up a doodle program — could be MS Paint (if you have a PC), Paintbrush (Mac), xpaint (Linux), YouiDraw (Google it), or any number of other super-basic drawing apps — and draw your own mugshot. Pretend you got wronged by another rogue, and this is the mug you want to put on their WANTED poster. Only all you have to work with are big fat crayons.
  3. Go to our Ravenholdt Discord #giveaway-submissions channel and post two images: your drawing and (if you can — this part is optional) the screenshot you based it on.

How to Win

Post your images to #giveaways-submission by 9 p.m. EDT (6 p.m. PDT) on Tuesday, June 19. (That’s also 1 a.m. June 20 Greenwich Mean Time, for you non-US folks.) After the deadline has passed, we’ll announce 20 winners from among all eligible entries — 10 of you will be selected at random, while the remaining 10 will be doled out based on which drawings are our favorites.
We’ll announce the winners (be sure you have notifications turned on), and you’ll have 24 hours to send a PM to @rare to confirm your prize and receive your beta key. If you don’t PM @rare within 24 hours, you’ll forfeit your prize, and we’ll select another winner.

But I Don’t Know How to Art!

That’s the whole point! If we wanted something fancy, we’d ask you to use GIMP or Photoshop. If you’ve got talent, great — but if you don’t, embrace your terribleness and have fun! As long as you’ve clearly put in some kind of effort, you’ll be eligible to win.

Got Questions?

That’s what we’re here for! Feel free to PM a Despot or Shadowblade in Ravenholdt Discord, @ one of us in the #off-topic channel, or drop us a tweet. Good luck and good painting!