Fans of Knives: August 1, 2017

This week is subtlety guide week!

Infexious has posted an advanced Subtlety guide:

Along with a detail on Death from Above:


And Riff has started a Patreon for his Subtlety guide. If you like his style, want to support him, and want priority on answers to your questions, check it out:

You can check out Riff’s guide here:


Infexious also has some things to say about the Outlaw spec.


WeakAuras is an addon that helps you refine your game play. Paryah has assembled a collection of links to rogue sets that may be of interest whether you are new to WA or are looking for a change:


And Wowhead’s poking about on the 7.3 PTR has revealed the next round of PvP fashions:


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