Echo and Team Liquid are taking part in a charity race called Xy’mox’s Charity Cache over the wekend. The two guilds will be raising money for Direct Relief and AbleGamers starting September 10.

You can watch the event on YouTube and Twitch at 11 AM PDT / 8 PM CEST on September 10 and 11.


The time has come for the two guilds to raise money for Direct Relief and AbleGamers!

Echo and Team Liquid are ready to open Xy’mox’s Charity Cache. Castle Nathria and Sepulcher of the First Ones will be the playing fields for these two guilds, but Xy’mox has made things a bit more challenging by adding more Fated Powers into the mix. All this effort to speedrun these raids will be rewarded with $100,000 (USD), to be distributed between AbleGamers and Direct Relief. Let the charity race commence!

Xy’mox’s Charity Cache – September 10-11

Venue: Online – &

Dates: Saturday, September 10 – Sunday, September 11

Broadcast Start Time: 11 AM PDT / 8 PM CEST

Donation Pool: $100,000 (USD)


Guilds will race Castle Nathria and Sepulcher of the First Ones to raise money for their charities.

All bosses will have at least two Fated Powers active, and guilds will be able to activate all four twice per raid to maximize the effect of the Season 4 affixes.

The raids will be divided by checkpoints, each of them granting a different amount of prizing for the charities depending on which guild reaches it first.

The first guild to reach a Checkpoint will also receive a Fated Curse, a surprise modifier that will be applied to the next boss they’ll face.


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