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Screenshot Sneak Peek at Island Sanctuary

With Patch 6.2’s recent website update, we got to see a screenshot sneak peek of Island Sanctuary, the farming simulator-like game mode coming soon to Final Fantasy XIV! Check out the beautiful screenshots shared with us below:...

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Cheating in FFXIV (Ultimate)

The use of third party tools in Final Fantasy XIV is rampant in the community, with lines between what is acceptable and what isn’t blurring more and more by the day. With that being said, a particularly nasty case has risen and...

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Is Patch 9.2.7 Launching Next Week?

The latest Patch 9.2.7 PTR build is a Release Candidate. Could the patch hit live servers as soon as next week? Patch 9.2.7 is a minor update that brings region-wide Auction House commodities and a new chat channel for searching...

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