The final raid of the Shadowlands has returned in the Fated rotation and as the Sepulcher returns, so does Warlock domination. We do see a lot of movement this week, however, especially in the generalist bracket and Heroic, with Fury seeing a surge.

An important note before we begin: as the Fated raids are switching out each week, our comparisons to the previous weeks will be a little less relevant, but we’ll still mention it for context – just keep in mind it won’t be a direct comparison from week to week as it was before.


95th Percentile

While Demonology being at the top is a forgone conclusion at this point and at least until the pre-patch, this past week was a win for Warlocks even if we ignore the top spec, as Destro is back in 2nd! We didn’t quite see a purple trifecta, as Affliction remains near the bottom, but is still much better off than in the Sanctum. The rest of the top 5 remained the same, as Elemental, Frost DK and Fury made room for Destro, with Unholy bringing the next bit of upwards movement. Retribution remains in 9th and Shadow climbs 2 up to close out the top 10. Feral claims the bottom spot this time around, as Assassination gets a reprieve and Enhancement finds itself in the bottom 3 as well.

95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

All Percentiles

Fury actually surprises in the generalist bracket, as it went up from its usually best placement in the Sanctum, grabbing the third spot behind the Warlocks here in the Sepulcher. Survival makes its way past Frost DK, which in turn leaps over Elemental, which is now sandwiched between two Death Knights. Retribution drops 2 to the bottom of the top 10, as Outlaw remains stable in 9th. Feral finds itself at the bottom here as well, this time joined by two Mage specs.

All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.


Heroic is looking very different from Mythic this time around, as Destro finds itself in the bottom three instead of the top (even dropping one spot lower than last week), Survival is 2nd and Outlaw 3rd, the same as they were in the Sanctum. Fire stays in a strong 4th, joined by Fury which leaps a big 4 spots and pushes Shadow out of the way, with Balance also surging this week, up 5. However, Enhancement is the biggest mover this week, gaining 8 spots to land in 8th, just ahead of the DK twins.

All percentiles Heroic data by Warcraft Logs.


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