We’re looking at how to get the Dalaran and Garrison Hearthstone fast as an Evoker.

Dalaran Hearthstone (estimated time: 2 minutes)

Enter Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

Use the Hero’s Call Board in Stormwind or Warchief’s Command Board in Orgrimmar to pick up the Broken Shore quest called “Fight the Legion.” This will give you the quest “The Legion Returns.”

Alliance players must talk to Recruiter Lee outside Stormwind, and Horde players to Holgar Stormaxe outside Orgrimmar to turn in the quest. The NPCs will have a skip option available. You can skip the intro and head straight into Dalaran by selecting the “I’ve heard this tale before” option.

When you get to Dalaran and turn in In the Blink of an Eye, you will receive the Dalaran Hearthstone.

Another option is to go to the portal room and teleport to Azsuna. Fly to Dalaran and talk to the innkeeper there to receive Dalaran Hearthstone. Note that this option is slower.

Garrison Hearthstone (estimated time: 10 minutes)

Take the portal from Orgrimmar/Stormwind to Blasted Lands.

Do not talk to Khadgar and drop the Draenor intro quest.

Walk through the portal.

You will end up in front of quest NPCs that will help you set up your Garrison.

Source: Reddit