A new “Stay Awhile and Listen” dialogue is available between Baine and Mayla in Dragonflight. The following post contains spoilers.

Baine expresses his fears about Anduin not returning from the Shadowlands and Mayla comforts him.

Full Transcript of the Dialogue

Mayla: You seem distracted, Baine. Are you troubled by the news that the dragons bring?

Baine: No. But seing both the Horde and Alliance answer their call has reminded be of… absent friends.

Mayla: I am sorry. I know what Anduin Wrynn means to you. Has there been no word at all from him?

Baine: King Greymane has been so kind has been kind enough to answer my letters.

Baine: He said there have been reports that Anduin has been seen, but none that they could verify.

Baine: Anduin endured much in the Shadowlands. It seems he is not ready to go home. Not yet.

Mayla: The Earthmother guides each of us along a path. It is not always the one we wish to walk, but sometimes it is the path we need to.

Mayla: Be patient. Your friend will return when his feet guide him back to those who love him.

Baine: Thank you for reminding me of that, Mayla. And for your kindness.

Mayla: Always, Baine.