Game Director Ion Hazzikostas today answered some interesting questions abut Patch 10.0.7 and beyond.

The team wants to do as many Holiday updates as they can throughout the year.

.7 patches allow them to set up what comes next and introduce catch-up mechanics. 

It hasn’t been 100% confirmed, but they are looking into adding Conquest boxes to PvP vendors.

They don’t want you to use the Onyx Annulet over Mythic Aberrus rings.

When it comes to class balancing, they want to be more proactive in the first half of the season reigning in high-end outliers.

With Monks being expanded to more races, they might add other race/class combinations where they make sense. Goblin Druids would make sense if they’d set up a story.

Dragonflight contains unsolved secrets.

The current cross-faction focus is “opt-in” — give players the choice but keep the default where possible.

In Patch 10.1, they are removing and adding new affixes. The ultimate goal is to deliver challenge, but a fun/fair one.

There are no plans to entice Rated Solo Shuffle to other brackets, but the team is discussing how the feature would affect PvP in the future.

They wanted to have Trading Post available at Dragonflight launch, but it wasn’t ready.

There are no plans to merge Alliance / Horde guilds, the goal is to bring the ability to join a guild regardless of faction.

They will keep applying class tuning at a slower pace via hotfixes.

When it comes to PTR testing, faster cadence means fewer people on the PTR. For some content, they will need to organize “Play with the Blues” events for appropriate feedback gathering.

A huge thanks to @Sinzhufor the transcript!