As the launch of the new patch is looming today, there’s been a potentially interesting development on the Evoker front, and while it’s unfortunately not third spec-related, there could be some good news for the Dracthyr coming in Aberrus.

Wowhead has been reporting the possibility of an Evoker-specific legendary weapon dropping from the final boss in Aberrus, based on a comment made by Game Director Ion Hazzikostas and some (inconclusive) datamining of their own. However, soon after that article was released, an image started to do the rounds in the community, which seemingly confirmed it existence and actually shows this fist weapon off:

Source: Wowhead.

There’s a few things to go over regarding the authenticity of the above, as Hazzikostas did mention there would be something interesting for Evokers on Saraketh, the final boss of Aberrus in a recent interview, and his loot table does not actually have anything Evoker-specific at all. And while Wowhead did not find the item directly while datamining, they did spot several strings related to a “DracthyrLegendary”, all related to a cutscene.

Those would be the pro-legendary arguments, while the cons¬†(at least as regards the image of the weapon specifically) are a little stronger, at least from my perspective, as the timing is suspicious first of all – the image appearing very shortly after the original datamining post possibly indicates someone read it and then made up their own version. The second thing is actually a lot more obvious and seemingly confirms the first con, and that’s the item level on the image itself, as the 7 is is quite a bit removed from the 4 and 5. Let’s remember, however, that even if the image itself is fake, that doesn’t mean that the legendary is as well, as the two posts were separate and the datamining + Ion’s comment are still definitely correct.

There’s also been some speculation of us seeing another version of Kael’thas’ legendary weapons mechanic, and that the item might be strictly for the Saraketh fight. Since the last boss was not tested on the PTR, anything is possible, so we’ll have to wait at least a week to see, as the item may only be in the Mythic version of the fight, and that’s going to take more than a week to get to.