During the Chromie Time quest in Thaldraszus where we travel back to the Black Empire, a set of very interesting whispers has set up in motion new speculations about the Old Gods’ involvement in Dragonflight.

While in the Black Empire, the player receives whispers from four entities, which I believe are Yogg, N’Zoth, C’Thuun, and Y’Shaarj.

Piercing Presence

Piercing Presence whispers: No one is coming to save you.

Piercing Presence whispers: Your allies will leave you behind.

Piercing Presence whispers: You have already lost.

Observing Presence

Observing Presence: You will die.

Observing Presence whispers: Your courage will fail.

Maddening Presence

Maddening Presence whispers: All that you know will fade.

Maddening Presence whispers: Hope is an illusion.

Knowing Presence

This one’s particularly interesting because we know we’re going underground in Patch 10.1 and it opens a lot room for speculations. Who’s “he”? Nozdormu? After all, the plot of Dragonflight is his inevitable fate and transformation into Murozond…

Knowing Presence whispers: I… know you. What you were. What you will yet be.

Knowing Presence whispers: You will follow him to the deep places. The dark waters will flow in his wake. 

Knowing Presence whispers: With many eyes, they will see again. They will drink, and be uplifted.

Knowing Presence whispers: Her dreams sing beneath the surface. Our dreams. Our song.

A tome found in Uldaman (Edicts of the Prime Designate, Volume 742) written by Odyn refers to the Black Empire. Odyn wants “all historical records documenting the advancements of the Black Empire purged“. Furthermore, the age should be pained before us (mortals) as “one of chaos and misery, a pernicious blight that the keepers eradicated”.

Image courtesy of GamingApokolips.

Do you see where this is heading? We might be up for an Old God surprise in Dragonflight!