A new Stay Awhile and Listen dialogue between two notable characters revealed a potential location of the new World Tree. This post contains spoilers.

The Stay Awhile and Listen is between Tyrande and Ysera. The quest line becomes available at Renown 19 with the Valdrakken Accordas confirmed by art_prominence.

Before you start the dialogue, Tyrande has the following gossip text, which refers to the mysterious area located west of the Ohn’ahran Plains that we thought was encrypted during testing and intended to be used for something important in the future.

<Tyrande stares across the water, seemingly at nothing.>

It turns out this is where the new World Tree was planted. Tyrande is really desperate, asking Ysera about how long her people must endure to see their home restored. Here’s a transcript of the whole dialogue between the characters:

Ysera: You can almost feel it growing, can’t you?

Tyrande: He would want to be here with me. The Shadowlands become even more difficult to reach, and yet there he remains.

Tyrande: We have lost so much, Ysera, and still, I am asked to sacrifice.

Ysera: Malfurion’s love for you endures beyond the veil. And when the time comes, he will be there at your side again. I promise.

Tyrande: But when? When will my people see their home restored? When will we know peace like we did before?

Ysera: Know this. I may not be the Aspect of Dream any longer, but I swear I will see the fruition of all your work.

Tyrande: I trust you, my dear friend. And I long to see it with my own eyes.

Reddit user art_prominence also posted the following screenshot on Reddit, which summarizes everything relatively well. Hopefully the World Tree has not been planted right beneath an Old God.