We can finally take a look at the full picture for week 2 of Dragonflight Season 1’s Mythic+ logs, after the tuning from last week!

Note: The logs are based on POINTS, and not actual damage or healing, meaning they log the timed completion for the specs, with higher keys getting more points, obviously. The time in which the dungeon is completed is also a factor, but a much, much smaller one, as it grants very few points if you do it significantly faster than just any in-time completion. We’re also using the Normalized Aggregate Scores numbers, for clarity, meaning the top spec is marked as 100 and then the rest are ranked in relation to that peak point.

This past week was:

Tyrannical, BurstingGrievous (and Thundering )

All Keys

95th percentile

The tyranny of yellow may be with us for a while yet, as no spec has managed to take out the two Rogues at the top, and Subtlety remains ahead as well. Balance is pushing up, however, but the boomkings aren’t the only ones to benefit from Marksmanship’s precipitous fall, as the Hunter spec drops a big 4 spots into 8th. Demonology is making a comeback, rising 2, as Windwalker remains steady, and Havoc gains one, thanks to the Hunter’s fall. Enhancement stays strong in 9th, as Shadow rises a little to complete the top 10. We have a double spec switcharoo at the bottom, with Hunters  having a really bad week, as after Marksmanship dropped at the top, BM and Survival dropped to the very bottom, taking the two Warlocks’ spots – although the purple ones did not go far, with the 4 last spots taken by only two classes.

Mythic+ All Keys 95th Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.

All Percentiles

Arcane is shaking things up in the generalist bracket, giving us hope that the yellow may be defeated, as Windwalker also does a lot better here and even rose from last time we checked. Demonology is also moving up, joined by Havoc in their 1-spot movement, as Marksmanship drops here as well, and Balance remains steady. The bottom hasn’t quite changed here, but still has only two classes in the final 4 spots, but it’s still Warlocks at the bottom in the generalist rankings.

Mythic+ All Keys All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.


We see a change at the top this week for tanks, as Blood is making a name for itself, although it’s very much neck-and-neck with Prot Warrior. Guardian’s also dropped one in favor of Prot Palas, as the rest remained the same.

Tank All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.


Holy Priest is making a slow comeback, as it moves past its fellow Holy spec, and Resto Shamans are also on an upwards trajectory, pushing Discipline down, as Mistweaver sits at the bottom.

Healer All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.


For even more in-depth data for each individual key head on over to Warcraft Logs. And if you’re interested in more info on the specs themselves you can always check out our class guides, as well as our Mythic+ guides.