Patch 10.0.7 datamining hints at the return of crated gear from Zul’Gurub and some new content as well. 

Zul’Gurub Achievements

Three achievements tied to Zul’Gurub were added in the first Patch 10.0.7.

For the first achievement, we need to combine Fragmented Hakkari Bijou and Shattered Hakkari Bijou into Restored Hakkari Bijou to unlock ancient secrets within Zul’Gurub.

Relics of a Fallen Empire – Delivered a Restored Hakkari Bijou to someone with a great interest in such artifacts.

Reward: Unlocks ancient secrets within Zul’Gurub

Criteria: 10.0.7 Professions – Zul’Gurub Restoration – Quest Complete

Other achievements mentioning Zul’Gurub are:

Deadliest Cache – Fish up a Gurubashi Cache in Zul’Gurub.

Craftsman of the Zandalar Tribe – Aided in the Zandalar Tribe’s incursion into Zul’Gurub with your crafting skills.

Ancient Profession Patterns

Furthermore, Blizzard added multiple Ancient Patterns in this build with the source to be determined.

Ancient Pattern: Bloodlord’s Embrace

Ancient Pattern: Animist’s Legguards

Ancient Pattern: Animist’s Footwraps

Ancient Pattern: Gurubashi’s Grasp

Ancient Pattern: Gloves of the Tormentor

Ancient Pattern: Gurubashi Headdress

Ancient Pattern: Gurubashi Tigerhide Cloak

Ancient Pattern: Cord of Shriveled Heads

Ancient Pattern: Junglefury Leggings

Ancient Pattern: Ritualistic Legwarmers

Ancient Pattern: Junglefury Gauntlets

New Zul’Gurub Toy

Brazier of Madness is a new toy tied to Zul’Gurub used for cooking.

Zul’Gurub Armor Ensembles

13 Zul’Gurub cosmetic ensembles were added in 10.0.7.

Ensemble: Blooddrenched Leather

Ensemble: Bloodstained Mail

Ensemble: Bloodtinged Cloth

Ensemble: Bloodsoaked Plate

Ensemble: Zandalar Freethinker

Ensemble: Zandalar Demoniac

Ensemble: Zandalar Confessor

Ensemble: Zandalar Augur

Ensemble: Zandalar Illusionist

Ensemble: Zandalar Predator

Ensemble: Zandalar Haruspec

Ensemble: Zandalar Madcap

Ensemble: Zandalar Vindicator