A new Anniversary Pack Bundle has been added to the store containing 6 mounts and 4 pets. You can get them all for $80 until November 28.


World of Warcraft® celebrates its 18th anniversary in November. We invite you to take a trip down memory lane and add to your collection four remarkable pets and six unforgettable mounts —including the returning otherworldly Viridian Phase-Hunter—at a festive 50% off. But hurry! The Anniversary Pack is only available until November 28.

Get the Anniversary Pack

What’s Inside?

The commemorative Anniversary Pack bundle includes mounts and pets for your World of Warcraft* characters from Burning Crusade Classic™ Deluxe Edition, Mists of Pandaria®, Warlords of Draenor®, Legion, and Battle for Azeroth digital editions, as well as 15th WoW® Anniversary mounts.

All mounts from The Anniversary Pack automatically scale to the fastest riding skill known by each character. All items will be available to all your World of Warcraft characters on your regional Battle.net account. If you already own one or more items from The Anniversary Pack, its price will automatically adjust.

Six Unique Mounts Per Faction

Ground Mounts

Embark on a new journey with confidence on the back of the ferocious Illidari Felstalker, the ravenous Gilded Ravasaur (for Horde characters), the fearless Seabraid Stallion (for Alliance characters), or the returning Viridian Phase-Hunter.

Flying Mounts

Spread your wings with the majestic 15th Anniversary Alabaster Stormwing (for Alliance characters) and Alabaster Thunderwing (for Horde characters), the striking Dread Raven, or the rock-solid Imperial Quilen.

Four Loyal Companions

Relive your best World of Warcraft memories with these four fierce (and adorable) pets! No matter where your adventures take you—from the serene meadows of Pandaria to the jagged shores of the Broken Isles—the Dread Hatchling, the Lucky Quilen Cub, Tottle, and Nibbles will faithfully stand by your side and eagerly join in pet battles all over Azeroth and beyond.

One for the Ages 

The Anniversary Pack will be available until November 28, 2022, going away just as the in-game festivities come to a close. Adopt or gift these pets and mounts from the in-game shop or the Blizzard Shop today! 

*Anniversary Pack items not available in World of Warcraft Classic titles.