We’ve summarized many Dragonflight interviews that surfaced over the past week. 

Starting Zone Interview with Morgan Day

They “wouldn’t be surprised” if certain builds didn’t go to the bottom of the talent trees. 

The talent trees started as one singular tree and then expanded. 

Professions should be as big a factor/part as PvP/Mythic+/raids in terms of goals to pursue.

They are looking for more deterministic ways to progress (mostly in terms of items). 

MrGM Interview with Ion Hazzikostas

BfA Timewalking is coming in Dragonflight. 

More Timewalking raids to be added.

Crafting Order system will start server-wide.

EU + NA cross-play was mentioned, but the technical hurdles would be a massive undertaking.

They are “looking into” raising the 50 characters per account limit. 

We’ll know who the final boss of the expansion will be by the end of 10.0.0.

Towelliee’s Interview with Ion Hazzikostas

The best crafted gear will be BoP and will require materials from dungeons, raids, or PvP. 

No new Mage Tower-like activity is planned at launch, in later patches maybe.

There should be 6-8 talent builds you can save (not sure about importing/exporting or sharing them yet). 

There are no plans to add Shado Pan Monastery to the pool of Mythic+ Dungeons at launch, but maybe later. 

Tyrannical and Fortified will return/remain. 

The new seasonal affix may be a bit simplified since the new dungeon pool every season mixes things up enough. 

There will be some multiplayer Dragonriding races at max level, like events that start at set times. There could even be more structured competitive races and events.

Leveling in Dragonflight should take slightly longer than it did in Shadowlands, but not much. 

PCGamesN Interview with Pat Dawson

Character customization has long been an issue for WoW fans.

Blizzard is always looking for new ways to improve character customization.

Dracthyr have a tremendous amount of customizations.

You can read the full interview here.

Manacrew Interview with Morgan Day

The WoW team tries to publish blog posts alongside focused Alpha/Beta testing to give everyone the opportunity to provide feedback even when they haven’t been invited to the testing.

They plan on hiding more story content going forward just like they did with Calia’s story in Patch 9.2.5.

The focus in Dragonflight is to revamp game systems (professions, talents) so that they can be carried over and expanded upon in future expansions.