A new interact key option in Dragonflight lets you interact with NPCs and objects by pressing a key instead of clicking on them.

The option will be especially handy at the Dragonflight launch when quest givers are surrounded by a lot of people on mounts and turning in quests becomes a challenge.

How to Enable the Interact Key Option?

First, run the following command in the chat window: /console SoftTargetInteract 3

In the game options, search for “interact”. This will bring up Keybindings and the “Interact With Target” option that you can bind to a key.

Approach an NPC and press the key you bound to Interact With Target. In my case, it’s “F”. When you’re close to an NPC, you’ll see an icon above their head informing you the function is available.

When Will the Option Be Available on Live Servers?

The Interact with Target option will be available in the Dragonflight pre-patch along with action combat.