Archvaldor has defeated all Horde city bosses alone on live servers and uploaded a video with helpful tips for anyone who wants to try to do the same.

All Horde bosses have a combined health pool of around 40 million. With other players and guards protecting the bosses, this was quite a challenge.

Lor’themar is the easiest Horde city boss, according to Archvaldor. The encounter is trivial but takes about an hour.

Next, Archvaldor went to Thunder Bluff to kill Baine. However, the boss has an unintentional mechanic and stops fighting randomly which results in a reset. This has been happening for at least 6 years. Kiting the boss to his tent fixed the issue and reduced the number of mobs/guards that would otherwise attack you.

The hardest challenge was to defeat Rokhan in Orgrimmar because there were just so many players in the city who rushed to defend the boss. With Death Knight’s¬†Decomposing Aura and a health pool of around 2.5 million, it became much more doable late at night when most of the Horde players were sleeping.

For the final one, you must journey back in time to Undercity and defeat Sylvanas. She has 12 million health, but the encounter takes significantly longer compared to Baine and Lor’themar because she periodically¬†turns invisible and appears in different locations. You must defeat lots of adds during the fight and you can easily die here. Sylvanas also has a fear ability.

Check out the full video for more information and tips on how to defeat the city bosses alone!

Source: Reddit