When Blizzard wants to prevent players from tracking specific boss mechanics with WeakAuras, they label them as ‘Private Auras’. While Aberrus had only 3 such abilities, the upcoming raid, Amirdrassil, features a staggering 20¬†Private Auras.

The WeakAuras crackdown seems to be real in Guardians of the Dream. As initially reported by Wowhead, the new 10.2 raid introduces a total of 20 Private Auras.

To put this into perspective, Aberrus had just 3.

Fyrakk, the final boss of Patch 10.2, boasts 12 abilities marked as Private Auras, making them untrackable by players. These include:

Corrupted Seed

Darkflame Cleave



Seed of Amirdrassil

Molten Eruption

Shadow Cage


Eternal Firestorm



Greater Firestorm

Blizzard introduced their anti-WeakAuras tech in Patch 10.1 making it easier for them to hide specific auras from addons.

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The Race to World First kicks off on November 14 when Amirdrassil opens on live servers. Let’s see if the bosses will be more difficult when players cannot track so many mechanics, at least Fyrakk that hasn’t even been tested on the 10.2 PTR!