The Beta has been gone for a day now and the Diablo 4 community has shared pretty much all their opinions on it by now, so it’s time to take a look at some of the major concerns, as well as what players liked and were mixed on.

Overall opinions are pretty positive, with the atmosphere and tone, and especially the story and narrative getting the most praise, with the gameplay itself getting a lot of positivity as well. Obviously these are not the 100% consensus of all players nor is it a calculation of all the comments made, but rather my own approximation of what I’ve seen while reading pretty much all the posts on the game’s reddit page so far.

Let’s start with the biggest concerns:

Dungeon variety is lacking (both in terms of goals (2 keys and a door) and their randomized structure, with many layouts already repeating) and they’re not particularly fun to begin with – particularly important as they are the endgame

Open World rubberbanding/stuttering in sub-zone transitions

Melee seems to be a lot harder to play

Cellars are uninteresting

Skill/class balance (but this is very beta-dependent)

Players are unsure and concerned with how the seasonal reset aspect of the game will work

Here are all the positives mentioned:

Engaging and well-written story

Excellent and consistent tone and world atmosphere

Solid open world

Very good gameplay

Great visuals/art

Good class diversity


Itemization is fine but not very interesting or original

The MMO/social aspect of the open world – some players really enjoy the public events and World Boss, others don’t like the change

Level scaling, as some are very much against it but others think it’s crucial for the game to have it

And here are the most wanted features:

A transparent overlay map like in previous titles

Separate gem inventory

The move only button should be combined with interact

The loot should be changed (preferably to the old Diablo font/currrent D2R one)

A more zoomed out view

A build/loadout saving feature (like the D4 armory)

World Boss level gated so lower levels don’t make it harder


It will be interesting to see how many of these issues (both positive and negative) are just Beta-related, as the Beta, while pretty big itself, is a small part of the overall game. As usual with an ARPG like this, the real test will be the endgame and the live service/seasonal implementation, so we’ll have to wait a while yet to see how it all turns out.