We’ve looked at the new Arcane Mage talent tree added this week on Dragonflight Alpha.

Arcane Mage Talent Tree Layout

Mage Class Tree

The tree is the same for all specializations, except for the first row.

Row 1

Prismatic Barrier – Shields you with an arcane force, absorbing [ 20% of Total Health ] damage and reducing magic damage taken by 20% for 60 sec. The duration of harmful Magic effects against you is reduced by 25%.

Row 2

Ice Block – Encases you in a block of ice, protecting you from all attacks and damage for 10 sec, but during that time you cannot attack, move, or cast spells. Causes Hypothermia, preventing you from recasting Ice Block for 30 sec.

Cone of Cold – Targets in a cone in front of you take [ 37.5% of Spell Power ] Frost damage and have movement slowed by 50% for 5 sec.

Shatter – Multiplies the critical strike chance of your spells against frozen targets by 1.5, and adds an additional [ 25 + 25$ ]% critical strike chance.

Invisibility – Turns you invisible over 3 sec, reducing threat each second. While invisible, you are untargetable by enemies. Lasts 20 sec. Taking any action cancels the effect.

Row 3

Rigid Ice (2 Point Talent) – Frost Nova can withstand 40%/80% more damage before breaking.

Winter’s Protection (2 Point Talent) – The cooldown of Ice Block is reduced by 20/40 sec.

Remove Curse – Removes all Curses from a friendly target.

Grounding Surge (2 Point Talent) – Successfully interrupting an enemy with Counterspell reduces its cooldown by 2/4 sec.

Incantation of Swiftness (2 Point Talent) – Invisibility increases your movement speed by 40%/80% for 6 sec.

Row 4

Mirror Image – Creates 3 copies of you nearby for 40 sec, which cast spells and attack your enemies. While your images are active damage taken is reduced by 20%. Taking direct damage will cause one of your images to dissipate.

Slow – Reduces the target’s movement speed by 60% for 15 sec.

Spellsteal – Steals a beneficial magic effect from the target. This effect lasts a maximum of 2 min.

Alter Time – Alters the fabric of time, returning you to your current location and health when cast a second time, or after 10 seconds. Effect negated by long distance or death.

Row 5

Talent Choice

Reduplication – Mirror Image’s cooldown is reduced by 10 sec whenever a Mirror Image dissipates due to direct damage.

Reabsorption – You are healed for 5% of your maximum health whenever a Mirror Image dissipates due to direct damage.

Cryo-Freeze (3 Point Talent) – While inside Ice Block, you heal for 30%/60%/90% of your maximum health over the duration.

Talent Choice

Incanter’s Flow – Magical energy flows through you while in combat, building up to 20% increased damage and then diminishing down to 4% increased damage, cycling every 10 sec.

Rune of Power – Places a Rune of Power on the ground for 12 sec which increases your spell damage by 40% while you stand within 8 yds.

Tempest Barrier (3 Point Talent) – Gain a shield that absorbs 3%/6%/9% of your maximum health for 15 sec after you Blink.

Talent Choice

Mass Polymorph – Transforms all enemies within 10 yards into sheep, wandering around incapacitated for 1 min. While affected, the victims cannot take actions but will regenerate health very quickly. Damage will cancel the effect.

Blast Wave – Causes an explosion around yourself, dealing [ 47.25% of Spell Power ] Fire damage to all enemies within 8 yards, knocking them back, and reducing movement speed by 70% for 6 sec.

Row 6

Tome of Rhonin (2 Point Talent) – Increases Critical Strike chance by 2%/4%.

Improved Frost Nova (2 Point Talent) – Frost Nova duration is increased by 1/2 sec.

Arcane Warding (2 Point Talent) – Reduces magic damage taken by 3%/6%.

Tome of Antonidas (2 Point Talent) – Increases Haste by 2%/4%.

Row 7

Ice Nova – Causes a whirl of icy wind around the enemy, dealing [ 120% of Spell Power ] Frost damage to the target and reduced damage to all other enemies within 8 yards, and freezing them in place for 2 sec.

Accumulative Shielding (2 Point Talent) – Your barrier’s cooldown recharges 20%/40% faster while the shield persists.

Talent Choice

Shimmer – Teleports you 20 yards forward, unless something is in the way. Unaffected by the global cooldown and castable while casting.

Ice Floes – Makes your next Mage spell with a cast time shorter than 10 sec castable while moving. Unaffected by the global cooldown and castable while casting.

Temporal Velocity (2 Point Talent) – Increases your movement speed by 5%/10% for 2 sec after casting Blink and 20%/40% for 5 sec after returning from Alter Time.

Master of Time – Reduces the cooldown of Alter Time by 10 sec. Alter Time resets the cooldown of Blink when you return to your original location.

Row 8

Frigid Winds  (3 Point Talent) – All of your snare effects reduce the target’s movement speed by an additional 3%/6%/10%.

Flow of Time (3 Point Talent) – The cooldown of Blink is reduced by 0.5/1/1.5 sec.

Diverted Energy (3 Point Talent) – Your Barriers heal you for 10%/20%/30% of the damage absorbed.

Row 9

Talent Choice

Ring of Frost – Summons a Ring of Frost for 10 sec at the target location. Enemies entering the ring are incapacitated for 10 sec. Limit 10 targets. When the incapacitate expires, enemies are slowed by 65% for 4 sec.

Ice Ward – Frost Nova now has 2 charges.

Greater Invisibility – Makes you invisible and untargetable for 20 sec, removing all threat. Any action taken cancels this effect. You take 60% reduced damage while invisible and for 3 sec after reappearing.

Dragon’s Breath – Enemies in a cone in front of you take [ 58.25% of Spell Power ] Fire damage and are disoriented for 4 sec. Damage will cancel the effect.

Row 10

Shifting Power – Draw power from the Night Fae, dealing [ 212.2% of Spell Power ] Nature damage over 4 sec to enemies within 18 yds. While channeling, your Mage ability cooldowns are reduced by 10 sec over 4 sec.

Time Anomaly – At any moment, you have a chance to gain Arcane Power for 8 sec, gain Evocation for 1 sec, or gain Time Warp for 6 sec.

Meteor – Calls down a meteor which lands at the target location after 3 sec, dealing [ 260% of Spell Power ] Fire damage, split evenly between all targets within 8 yards, and burns the ground, dealing [ 66% of Spell Power ] Fire damage over 8.5 sec to all enemies in the area.

Arcane Mage Tree

Row 1

Arcane Barrage -Launches bolts of arcane energy at the enemy target, causing [ 72.8% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage. For each Arcane Charge, deals 30% additional damage, grants you 1.5% of your maximum mana, and hits 1 additional nearby targets for 40% of its damage. Consumes all Arcane Charges.

Row 2

Arcane Missiles – Launches five waves of Arcane Missiles at the enemy over 2.5 sec, causing a total of [ 218.7% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage.

Row 3

Rule of Threes – When you gain your third Arcane Charge, the cost of your next Arcane Blast or Arcane Missiles is reduced by 100%.

Clearcasting – For each 0 mana you spend, you have a 1% chance to gain Clearcasting, making your next Arcane Missiles or Arcane Explosion free and channel 20% faster. Arcane Missiles fires 1 additional missile.

Row 4

Arcane Familiar – Summon a Familiar that attacks your enemies and increases your maximum mana by 10% for 60 min.

Improved Arcane Missiles (2 Point Talent) – Increases Arcane Missiles damage by 10%/20%.

Arcane Surge – Expend all of your current mana to annihilate your enemy target and nearby enemies for up to [ 536% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage based on Mana spent. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets. For the next 12 sec, your Mana Regeneration is increased by 450% and Spell Damage is increased by 10%.

Improved Arcane Explosion (2 Point Talent) – Increases Arcane Explosion damage by 10%/20%.

Impetus – Arcane Blast has a 10% chance to generate an additional Arcane Charge.

Row 5

Arcane Tempo – Consuming Arcane Charges increases your Haste by 2% for 12 seconds, stacks up to 5 times.

Improved Arcane Barrage – For each Arcane Charge, Arcane Barrage hits 1 additional nearby targets for 40% damage.

Improved Prismatic Barrier – Prismatic Barrier further reduces magical damage taken by an additional 5% and duration of harmful Magic effects by 10%.

Mana Adept – Arcane Barrage grants you 2% of your maximum mana per Arcane Charge spent.

Nether Precision – Consuming Clearcasting increases the damage of your next 2 Arcane Blasts by 20%.

Amplification – When Clearcast, Arcane Missiles fires 3 additional missiles.

Row 6

Presence of Mind – Causes your next 2 Arcane Blasts to be instant cast.

Foresight – Standing still for 10 sec grants you Foresight, allowing you to cast while moving for 4 sec. This duration begins when you start moving.

Enlightened – Arcane damage dealt while above 70% mana is increased by 8%, Mana Regen while below 70% is increased by 20%.

Arcane Power – For 10 sec, you deal 30% more spell damage and your spells cost 30% less mana.

Resonance – Arcane Barrage deals 15% increased damage per target it hits.

Slipstream – Clearcasting allows Arcane Missiles to be channeled while moving. Evocation can be channeled while moving.

Improved Clearcasting – Clearcasting can stack up to 2 additional times.

Row 7

Nether Tempest – Places a Nether Tempest on the target which deals [ 17.06% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage over 12 sec to the target and nearby enemies within 10 yards. Limit 1 target. Deals reduced damage to secondary targets. Damage increased by 60% per Arcane Charge.

Chrono Shift – Arcane Barrage slows enemies by 50% and increases your movement speed by 50% for 5 sec.

Touch of the Magi – Applies Touch of the Magi to your current target, accumulating 25% of the damage you deal to the target for 10 sec, and then exploding for that amount of Arcane damage to the target and reduced damage to all nearby enemies. Generates 4 Arcane Charges.

Supernova – Pulses arcane energy around the target enemy or ally, dealing [ 30% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage to all enemies within 8 yards, and knocking them upward. A primary enemy target will take 100% increased damage.

Reverberate – If Arcane Explosion hits at least 3 targets, it has a 50% chance to generate an extra Arcane Charge.

Row 8

Evocation – Increases your mana regeneration by 750% for 6 sec.

Prodigious Savant (2 Point Talent) – Arcane Charges further increase Mastery effectiveness of Arcane Blast and Arcane Barrage by 10%/20%.

Arcane Echo (2 Point Talent) – Direct damage you deal to enemies affected by Touch of the Magi, causes an explosion that deals [ 6.55% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage to all nearby enemies. Deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets.

Arcane Bombardment (2 Point Talent) – Arcane Barrage deals an additional 50% damage against targets below 50%/100% health.

Illuminated Thoughts (2 Point Talent) – Clearcasting has a 5%/10% increased chance to proc.

Conjure Mana Gem – Conjures a Mana Gem that can be used to instantly restore 10% mana, and holds up to 3 charges.

Row 9

Talent Choice

Improved Evocation – Evocation’s cooldown is reduced by 60 sec.

Siphon Storm – Evocation grants 1 Arcane Charge, and while channeling Evocation, your Intellect is increased by 2% every 1 sec. Lasts 30 sec.

Arcane Orb – Launches an Arcane Orb forward from your position, traveling up to 40 yards, dealing [ 109.2% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage to enemies it passes through. Grants 1 Arcane Charge when cast and every time it deals damage.

Radiant Spark – Conjure a radiant spark that causes [ 91.2% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage instantly, and an additional [ 49.5% of Spell Power ] damage over 10 sec. The target takes 10% increased damage from your direct damage spells, stacking each time they are struck. This effect ends after 4 spells.

Concentration – Arcane Blast has a chance to grant Expanded Potential, which causes your next Clearcasting to not be consumed.

Cascading Power – Consuming a Mana Gem increases Spell Power by 5% for 12 sec.

Row 10

Talent Choice

Charged Orb – Arcane Orb gains 1 additional charge.

Orb Barrage – Casting Arcane Missiles 15 times fires an Arcane Orb toward your target. Clearcast Arcane Missiles count as 2.

Harmonic Echo – Damage dealt to enemies affected by Radiant Spark’s vulnerability echo to your current enemy target and 4 nearby enemies for 20% of the damage dealt.

Arcane Harmony – Each time Arcane Missiles hits an enemy, the damage of your next Arcane Barrage is increased by 5%. This effect stacks up to 20 times.