Here’s some potentially disappointing news, as it seems a big milestone has been reached in Shadowlands Mythic+, as a Chinese group has pushed through the +34 barrier, skipping +33 entirely. The disappointing part comes in when you notice just how insanely quickly they finished it, and the fact that there are two Warlocks in the group.

So why would such a fast run and a couple of Warlocks be problematic? Well, as detailed by 还愿师 and relayed to us by Neo, it is very possible the Warlocks were using the Torghast pet bug (which we recently detailed here). As you can read in the linked article, players are actually able to bring Torghast pet Anima Powers outside of the tower and into Mythic+, with Chinese WoW operator NetEase even having written a blue post about not using the bug over a week ago. To make things worse, the buffed demon numbers in our article are from a player that didn’t really know what was going on – if you’d actually try to max every Anima Power out, the Felguard would have closer to 4 million HP and basically be one-shotting mobs, even in a +34.

The two runs below are a sub-22 minute Mists of Tirna Scithe +34 and an almost 21 minute Halls of Atonement. For comparison, the current best recorded Mists run is a +31, completed 1 minute before the 30 minute timer, whereas the +34 here is over 8 minutes ahead of the timer, while the best HoA is also a +31, almost 2 minutes under time, while the below +32 is over 10 minutes ahead of the timer.

Source: NetEase mobile Mythic+ leaderboard.

For reference, a +34 is also the highest key ever achieved in WoW, with the Mechagon Junkyard run from Battle for Azeroth being the first one. While it is possible that the above run is legitimate, the timing of it during the bug’s availability, the two Demonology Warlocks present (for both the +32 and +34), and the insanely fast clear times do indicate that there was some exploiting going on.

In case the run was indeed clean and these are some of the best Mythic+ players in the world right now – congratulations! And in case it is the Torghast exploit… well, congratulations go to the two Felguards that carried the runs with their potentially 4 million HP and massive damage.