We had another big Dragonflight preview and as you’d expect, the players had a lot to say about it, including some visual aids! Similar to last time, the chunk-factor was a big deal as the 4 body options were deemed very similar, and the biggest one wasn’t quite big enough for some, which in turn led to this response:

It would be chef’s kiss if the skeleton rig for it was from the huge Naga brutes in Legion. – Shara184

Oh, the new skinny body looks great. Now show us the beefy one, OP. – Dogslug

Now this would have been an instant preorder – Konyption

so people just want to play a gorilla with a dragon’s head? – Zuldak

However, the width of the model wasn’t the only issue discussed, as there are some pretty specific requests as well, with two neck-related issues, one actually a good point, and the other apparently wanting the race to have an Auction House on their backs.


I agree, but a shorter neck means a different rig and possibly different animations. They’re probably not going to do it, though I would be happy if proven wrong. – cfehunter

Yep. What I wish they’d change is 2 things; Thighs and feet. The original model was extremely bottom heavy, and even with the biggest torso option, the thighs and feet make him feel awkward. Proportions is a dance of balance, and the bottom-half is the other bit that can make the torso feel bigger. Also the feet looks like some overgrown worgen foot. Really looks bizzare on this kind of creature. – Xciccor

i dont agree with this one, just makes it look stocky. also just be happy we got body options lol. i was pretty adamant that the dracthyr body needed to change imo. but seeing now that players want them to change a million other minor things and honestly they shouldve just left it alone. – Jhazzrun

In the end it will be about their animation, especially running. Some races run so weirdly, it’s off putting. Also after seeing the faces and scale colors, I am now more interested in different armour types because they still look weird naked. And with armour, the neck doesn’t matter much – Beerbaron1886

We’ll see if Blizzard add even more options for the new race during development, but for now it seems the new variants have at least calmed some concerns. What do you think of all the options presented?