A new encrypted Patch 10.0.0 build was just deployed to “WoW Vendor”.

UPDATE: We have a second Dragonflight build on WoW Vendor.

(us) BuildId: 44369 → 44639!
(us) VersionsName: →!

The game version went up from to The build is sadly encrypted and cannot be datamined. There’s still no beta build and no official announcement pertaining to Dragonflight testing.

(us) BuildConfig: 1ee9cbb → ecaa314!
(us) CDNConfig: ebe9c5a → 3794e04!
(us) BuildId: 42979 → 44369!
(us) VersionsName: →!

There are multiple “WoW Vendor” dev branches:

WoW Vendor runs on Patch 10.0.0 Build 44369

WoW Vendor 2 runs on Patch 10.0.0 Build 44592

WoW Vendor 3 runs on Patch 9.2.7 Build 44519

WoW Vendor 4 runs on Patch 9.2.5 Build 44061