Another two weeks have gone by and we have some new Mythic+ rankings (taken during the EU reset), as Destruction reigns supreme over both raids and dungeons, awaiting that nerfs that’s hanging over its head.

Note: The logs are based on POINTS, and not actual damage or healing, meaning they log the timed completion for the specs, with higher keys getting more points, obviously. The time in which the dungeon is completed is also a factor, but a much, much smaller one, as it grants very few points if you do it significantly faster than just any in-time completion. We’re also using the Normalized Aggregate Scores numbers, for clarity, meaning the top spec is marked as 100 and then the rest are ranked in relation to that peak point.

These past 2 weeks were:

Fortified, BolsteringQuaking
TyrannicalSanguineStorming (and Encrypted)

All Keys

95th percentile

Destruction remains at the top as it and the No.2, Survival, await their announced nerfs that are coming with Season 4, with Windwalkers poised and ready to take over, as they’ve already taken down Fire in the past 2 weeks! Outlaw remains solid in 5th, as Subtletly hangs on, having fallen from grace in 9.2.5 (especially in raids), with Marksmanship moving past Arcane behind them. Demonology slides into 9th and moves past Fury, which is also just trying to hang on as it is near the bottom in raids and really needs its upper placement here to remain relevant. The two Frosts stay behind Havoc, all just outside the top 10, as the bottom remains reserved for Assassination, and while Affliction did move out of there after its buff, it hasn’t gone too far, unlike in raids.

Mythic+ All Keys 95th Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.

All Percentiles

We have a similar situation in the generalist bracket, with Fire dropping down a spot as Marksmanship moves up. Arms is the big mover here, joining Fury but landing just outside the top 10 in its 2 spot leap. Affliction didn’t quite manage to claw out of the bottom here, even after its buff, as it joins Assassination and Beast Mastery down in the dumps.

Mythic+ All Keys All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.

+20 Keys

We’re taking a break from the +15s are they were getting very monotonous with their basically identical results, but the +20ies are only a little better in terms of variance, as all specs are very close here as well. We do see Survival move to the top ahead of Windwalker, as Outlaw and Destruction elbow past Fire. Unholy makes some moves as it jumps 4 up into 7th, joined by Havoc with a slightly smaller 2-spot hop.

Mythic+20 All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.

For even more in-depth data for each individual key head on over to Warcraft Logs. And if you’re interested in more info on the specs themselves you can always check out our class guides or our extensive Mythic+ guides as well, which have tier lists, dungeon rankings and more.