Patch 7.2.5 Brings New Class Content Along with Changes

Patch 7.2.5 is currently planned for release on Tuesday, June 13th. This patch brings us new pickpocketing content along with the ususal spec changes. Assassination gets off most lightly this time around, with changes to the bleed/poison paradigm. Outlaw receives a good number of tuning changes and a rethink of Roll the Bones. Subtlety has pretty substantial changes to many abilities and the most changes to spec feel overall.

Check out Bizzard’s full post or read on for the rogue highlights.


  • Griftah in the Hall of Shadows has found a lamp, which may lead the sticky-fingered among you to interesting challenges and great profit.
  • Griftah now sells a selection of items for Coins of Air to his distinguished clientele.
  • Items purchasable with Dingy Iron Coins are now also purchasable with Coins of Air.

Class changes


  • Damage of all abilities increased by 10%.
  • Agonizing Poison has been removed.
  • New talent added, replacing Agonizing Poison: Toxic Blade
  • Costs 20 Energy, generates 1 Combo Point, 25 second cooldown.
  • Stab your enemy with a toxic blade, dealing [600% Weapon Damage] Nature damage. Your Nature damage abilities against the target are increased by 35% for 9 seconds.
  • Exsanguinate now causes your Bleed effects to bleed out 150% (was 100%) faster.
  • Exsanguinate now costs 25 Energy.
  • Fan of Knives damage increased by 40%.
  • Vendetta now affects Poison Bomb damage.



Developers’ notes: Our overall goals here include smoothing out Energy regeneration and reducing the frequency of both resource drought and Energy capping.

  • All damage increased by 8%.
  • Adrenaline Rush Energy regeneration increase reduced to 60% (was 100%). Duration increased to 20 seconds (was 15 seconds).
  • Ambush damage increased by 33%.
  • Combat Potency proc rate increased to 30% (was 20%), and Energy per proc reduced to 10 (was 15).
  • Curse of the Dreadblades (Artifact trait) now works with Ambush.
  • Fortune Strikes redesigned. Now increases Combat Potency’s proc rate by 2% per point (was +1 Energy per Combat Potency proc per point).

Developers’ notes: The net result of the two Combat Potency and Fortune Strikes changes is that Combat Potency should generate half as much Energy, twice as often.

  • Restless Blades has returned. Finishing moves reduce the remaining cooldown on Adrenaline Rush, Between the Eyes, Sprint, Grappling Hook, Cannonball Barrage, Killing Spree, Marked for Death, Death from Above, Vanish by 0.5 seconds per combo point spent.
  • Slice and Dice now increases attack speed by 125% (was 100%).

Roll the Bones:

Developers’ notes: The distribution of the number of buffs you get from Roll the Bones has changed. On average, you will get fewer buffs. Our goal is to significantly reduce the desire to frequently recast Roll the Bones when you get 1 buff.

  • Broadsides now also increases the damage of your combo-point generating abilities by 20%.
  • Buried Treasure increases Energy regeneration by 30% (was 25%).
  • Grand Melee now increases attack speed by 55% (was 50%).
  • True Bearing causes Finishing moves to reduce the cooldown of many abilities by 1.0 seconds (was 2.0 seconds) per combo point.



Developers’ notes: Our overall goals are to remove uncontrolled player teleport from the baseline DPS rotation, to reduce the frequency of teleporting in PvP, to allow players to choose between more frequent or more impactful Shadow Dances, which equates to more frequent CC/utility or damage in PvP, to keep the PvE rotation engaging, and to make Symbols of Death more engaging.

  • All damage dealt increased by 20%.
  • Backstab base damage increased by 35%.
  • Backstab damage bonus from being behind the target reduced to 20% (was 30%).
  • Dark Shadow is a new talent at level 90: While Shadow Dance is active, all damage you deal is increased by 30%.
  • Deepening Shadows now causes your finishing moves to reduce the remaining cooldown on Shadow Dance by 1.5 seconds (was 3 seconds) per combo point spent.
  • Energetic Stabbing (Artifact trait) now has an increased proc chance of 50% (was 25%), now refunds 2 Energy per point (was 5), and now also works with Backstab.
  • Enveloping Shadows redesigned. Deepening Shadows reduces the remaining cooldown of Shadow Dance by an additional 1.0 second per combo point spent. Shadow Dance gains 1 additional charge.
  • Etched in Shadow (Artifact trait) is now named Weak Point: Increases the critical strike damage of Backstab and Shadowstrike by 5% per point.
  • Feeding Frenzy (Artifact trait) now lasts for 30 seconds (was 20 seconds).
  • Flickering Shadows (Artifact Trait) redesigned: Now reduces the cooldown of Sprint by 10 seconds and Vanish by 30 seconds.
  • Gloomblade damage increased by 10%.
  • Marked for Death’s cooldown reduced to 40 seconds (was 60 seconds) for Subtlety.
  • Master of Shadows now gains 25 Energy over 3 seconds when you enter Stealth or Shadow Dance.

Developers’ notes: Pooling energy going into a Shadow Dance has long been the way to play Subtlety, and we’d like to bring that back. This design still gives you more energy for a Shadow Dance, but in a way that allows the Rogue to fully utilize pooling gameplay.

  • Nightblade now increases your damage dealt to the target by 15%, with damage over time component reduced by 35%.

Developers’ notes: Further pushes Subtlety away from maintaining Nightblade on all secondary targets and instead into focusing their damage into 1 target. Additionally, gives Nightblade a mechanical interaction with the rest of the core rotation that fulfills the “setup” feel of Subtlety.

  • Premeditation has been removed.
  • Relentless Strikes now causes your finishing moves to generate 6 Energy per combo point spent.
  • Second Shuriken (Artifact trait) damage increased by 200%.
  • Shadow Dance now has 2 charges (was 3), and is no longer on the global cooldown.
  • Shadow Dance’s base duration increased to 4 seconds (was 3 seconds).
  • Shadow Nova (Artifact trait) damage increased by 67%.
  • Shadow’s Whisper (Artifact trait) now increases Energy gain by 8 (was 5).
  • Shadowstep now has 2 charges for Subtlety.
  • Shadowstrike now hits at melee range (was a 15 yard range) and generates 2 combo points (was 1).
  • Shadowstrike, when used while Stealthed, now deals 25% increased damage (was 9%) and teleports you up to 25 yards behind your target. This does not happen while in Shadow Dance or during Subterfuge.
  • Shuriken Combo is a new passive talent available at level 70: Shuriken Storm increases the damage of your next Eviscerate by 10% for each enemy hit beyond the first. Stacks up to 5 times.

Developers’ notes: This aims to remove maintaining Nightblade on every target from your AOE rotation on 4+ targets. Instead, Subtlety will deal increased damage during AOE by focusing it into one target.

  • Shuriken Storm base damage increased by 67%.
  • Sprint now allows Subtlety Rogues to run over water. This is only possible when running forward.
  • Subterfuge’s duration increase to Shadow Dance reduced to 1 second (was 2 seconds).
  • Symbols of Death redesigned. Invoke ancient symbols of power, generating 40 Energy and increasing your damage done by 15% for 10 seconds.
  • The Quiet Knife (Artifact trait) now increases damage dealt by Backstab by 5% (was 3%) per point.
  • Weak Point (Artifact trait) now increases the critical strike damage of Backstab and Shadowstrike by 8% per point.