Fans of Knives: December 13, 2016

This week, our brand new Game Director, Ion Hazzikostas, sat down with Community Manager Josh Allen for a Q&A session. There was a rogue question. Wowhead has a trancript:

Q: Any plans on Roll The Bones RNG?

A: The 6 buff vs 1 buff. I think no we’re not going to lower the RNG – it’s themed around rolling dice. It’s signiature to Outlaw. The SND talent is lackluster and we want a compelling option in that row that isn’t RTB. We know the min/maxing of it can be fun if you are ok with the low streaks. But if you don’t like that game play, SND should be there for you but the current design doesn’t feel strong aneough – maybe like adding more haste.


The Ravenholdt Discord now has a recruitment channel:


A new PTR build brings new (not necessarily final) class and Legendary changes. As always, Wowhead has the details:


And it’s not new, but check out the awesome that is Ask Mr. Robot’s class/spec specific background art:

The Kingslayers   The Dreadblades   Fangs of the Devourer


Check out these terrific artists’ other work:


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