Fans of Knives: June 13, 2017

It’s Patch Day! Like it or not, 7.2.5 is about to hit us like a truck. There are substantial class changes, particularly to Subtlety. Check out the updated Patch Notes for details:


Blizzard Watch has a nice overview of the new Legendary rings which allow us an extra talent (spoiler, it’s Vigor):


Wowhead noted some tuning to some of our Tier 20 sets. Scroll to the Uncategorized Spells section at the bottom of the article for details:


June 6th’s hotfixes corrected a small problem with our mount questline:

Hotfixes: June 6

  • Fixed a bug with spawning of the Silvermoon and Exodar marks for “Hiding in Plain Sight.”


And in very sad news for the rogue community, Fierydemise is retiring. Fiery, one of our top theorycrafters, was instrumental in the creation of this site and our Discord. He will be sorely missed. Needless to say, this is not our last word on his departure – watch this space. It the meantime, check out his post on the matter:


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