Fans of Knives: September 12, 2018

Uldir Mythic and Raidfinder are now live. The first week of runs through Normal and Heroic have been accompanied by quite a few class changes, both hotfixes and tuning. Check out our Changelog to keep up on where we stand.


And that’s it – all the news fit to print. For good measure, here are couple of repeats from last week because they are good stuff:

There are a few sites that we highly recommend for optimizing your gear before you step up to that first boss:

If you have a favorite optimization site that we should know about, let us know.


A few people have been having difficulty posting in Ravenholdt Discord. Due to the size of our Discord (it’s HUGE), we have had to make a few adjustments. If you are in Ravenholdt Discord and find that you can’t post, please try the following:

You will need to have a role assigned to you before you can post in most channels. Obtaining a role is simple just type one of the following  in the #bot-spam channel:


Type it again and it will remove the role

If you do not want to affiliate with a specific spec we have a neutral role:


Happy posting.


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The internet is full of wonderful rogues doing wonderful things and producing interesting content that furthers the interests and community of our class. Fans of Knives is Ravenholdt’s weekly community news roundup that links to the contributions of these rogues for your viewing pleasure. If you have produced rogue related content, feel free to email us at and we will check it out. If you include “Fans” in the subject line we will be sure to see it. Follow us on Twitter @Ravenholdt.