Ok, so it’s been a while. I didn’t realize how long until I looked at the date. Oops, my bad. But enough of that, let’s get on with the news.


So, most of us are in quarantine at the moment and that means we probably need a little happiness in our lives. April Fool’s Day is this week. Mark your calendar now: go to Hero Damage on Wednesday. You will not regret it; it’s awesome, I promise. And in the meantime, if you need sims, check it out anyway:

You Tubers

Are you in need of some pretty rocking viewing? Peterodox, author, incidentally, of the popular paper doll addon, Narcissus (check it out), runs his Sub rogue through both Horrific Visions 5-Mask Full Clear. And look, that Orgrimmar one is using no orbs. Pick up some tips from this guy!


Do you play Classic? Check this out: ForeverYoung has created group finder Discords for Classic Battlegrounds. In his words:

By joining this discord(s) you will be able to find or form your own groups and use the voice channels, you will be able to discuss tactics with your fellow class or faction players, you will be able to praise or humiliate your opponents or teammates, post your clips from battlegrounds, memes or chat in the “general” channel about anything you want. The moment you join the Discord(s) please go and attach the roles to open relevant for you category(ies). To open “Sh*t show” and “Faction tactics” categories react for “Alliance or Horde” in the “add-role-faction-class” To open Class discussion category react for “Class” in the “add-role-faction-class” To open Realm category react “add-role-(type of realm you play)” You’re allowed to react for multiple realms and factions if you play several.

P.S. I highly suggest changing your name into your main character name so people will have an easier time whispering you in game or tagging you in the “aftermatch” channel.


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