Fans of Knives: Our Weekly News Roundup for February 10th, 2015

Blogs are the big news for this week!

In his blog, The Shadowy Dancer, Haileaus took on the topic of self-improvement:

Are you looking to improve, or help others become better rogues? Do you want feedback on your logs or to see what others are doing? Post in this thread in our forums:


Vigilate has started his own new blog, The Bandit’s Guile, where he will talk Rogue stuff and other stuff. He is anticipating being able to post twice a week and we are looking forward to seeing what he has to say:


As everyone probably knows by now, WoW Insider is effectively dead, but from the ashes a new, crowd funded site has arisen, Blizzard Watch. Response to this has been so fantastic that Alex Ziebart and company have been able to bring back much of the content that was axed a year or so ago. We are very excited to learn that our own Rfeann, Scott Helfand, will be back to write Encrypted Text again. Super congratulations to Alex, Scott, and all of the BW crew.

If you would like to join over 2500 other Blizzard Watch fans and contribute to this incredibly promising site:

Also you can keep up with the latest Blizzard Watch goings on on Twitter by following:


And in other news, one wee hotfix for us:


That’s the haps in the Rogueverse this week – looking forward to lots of lovely new blog content coming up…