Fans of Knives: October 10, 2019

Well now it’s been a slow few weeks, hasn’t it. But things actually did happen. Like patch 8.2.5, Rise of Azshara, dropped. Updated character models gave a few of us a facelift. And we got a tiny thing:

  • Blind’s debuff is now displayed on enemy nameplates.

And there are the subsequent expected tiny hotfixes:

  • Assassination: Fixed an issue that caused the tooltip of Fan of Knives to display an incorrect amount of Combo Points.
  • Outlaw: Resolved an issue that prevented the Crimson Vial created by Drink Up Me Hearties (PvP Talent) from being useable.


Assassination Rogues probably already know this but three of our own, Kojiyama, Seliathan and Flawless, sat down to chat with Bay on FinalBossTV:

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