Fans of Knives: Our Weekly News Roundup for June 30th, 2015

Class Updates: Unsurprisingly, there has been a slew of hotfixes this week. Those that affect us:



Bleeding Hollow Toxin Vessel had its effect increased by 28% for Combat Rogues, and had its effect increased by 40% for Subtlety Rogues.

Combat: Killing Spree should now correctly only provide immunity to roots, snares, and knockback effects.

Armor Sets: Tier-18 2-piece set bonus for Subtlety Rogues should now work correctly with Anticipation.

Fixed an issue where Rogue Tier-18 Normal armor set was incorrectly using the appearance of the Mythic armor set.



ShadowCraft: The ShadowCraft website is up to date and good to go. Big thanks to Fierydemise and Tamen for getting it sorted for us:


Rogue Blogs: Scott Helfand of Blizzard Watch answers your 6.2 questions in the latest installment of Encrypted Text:


Tips & Tricks: Graffin has started a very excellent thread for Hellfire Citadel tips and tricks. Check it out if you are wondering what works where, and please post if you discover something that isn’t already on the list:

And Infexious Gaming has a video guide to Shadow-Lord Iskar:


Theorycraft: We want you for rogue theorycrafting! Are you a numbers person? Do you love the math behind the game? Have you thought you might want to try your hand at figuring out how our abilities work? Jump on in, we have a few open questions that we would love your help with.:

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