Fans of Knives: December 19, 2017

Winter Veil is upon us. The Miniature Winter Veil Tree once again drops from the Stolen Present. This year it has been upgraded to ilevel 880. Obviously this is pretty irrelevant in the age of Artifact weapons, but if you need it for transmog, pick up the daily quest, You’re a Mean One…, and head to Hillsbrad Foothills to smite that Greench.

In less celebratory news, a hotfix last week taught Varimathras a new trick:

Hotfixes: December 12

  • Varimathras: Necrotic Embrace will no longer miss players who are under the effects of Aspect of the Turtle or Cloak of Shadows.


Our wonderful theorycrafters, Aethys and Mystler, have an important message for Assassination Rogues:


In a fantasic turn for Ravenholdt, Loktark has taken over maintenence of our Outlaw Guide. Many thanks to him for agreeing to take the helm as Outlaw once again sails into the sea of relevance.

And we have an exciting announcement regarding our Discord:

Also, Ravenholdt tees etc. are still available:

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