Outlaw Guide

Hello everyone! I am @Saber, known as Saberxd on the Ravenholdt discord. I am currently raiding in eXample, on Kazzak(EU). I’ve been playing as an Outlaw Rogue since the beginning of Legion.

I have decided to make this guide to help the Rogue community getting information about this infamous specialization. Everything you will read in this guide has been discussed at length by, mostly, Loktark and myself.

This is a compilation of our data/findings. This guide is not a TL;DR guide nor does it aim to be.

Feel free to message me on Discord if you feel something should be added or modified.

What is the essence of the spec? What defines Outlaw and make it different from the other specializations?

Outlaw is a fast paced specialization relying on fast reactions and reflexes. Using two one-handed swords and occasional pistols, it can be strongly identified to the pirate culture. Due to the absence of any kind of poisons/bleeds or any stealthy abilities, Outlaw defines itself as a straightforward, raw, face to face damage specialization rolling dice for enhancements.

“@Diusus my opinions about outlaw that made me love is overall kits, I will always fall back into it dues to excellent and yet consistent cleave ability with blade flurry, having weapons that aren’t daggers, while I do get annoyed with slight RNG with RB, I still love the ability and always keep the combat flow changing with BS or BT for extra energy regen, more enjoyable than snd.”

Sure, our damage isn’t where it should be but if people are in it for fun, then they found a right spec to enjoy the gameplay. That’s just my take at it.

It is also known that Outlaw players tend to be more successful, handsome, and gifted. The average Outlaw player gets to sleep with 8 women a week.

7.2.5 changes

The Outlaw specialization received quite a lot of changes from 7.2 to 7.2.5 and we are going to give an eye to those affecting the gameplay a look.

This affects Roll the Bones a lot, effectively lowering the RNG from it. Lorentz from the Ravenholdt discord tried different reroll strategies and came up with an optimal one.

“As a result- rerolling for 2+ buffs with Loaded Dice* seems like the most appropriate strategy.”

*Loaded dice is a buff you get after using Adrenaline Rush, guarantees 2 buffs or more on next Roll the Bones.

Those changes affect Outlaw’s energy gaps a lot, meaning that our energy pool gets revamped to become more stable throughout the fights. However with the absence of any kind of DoT/debuff like Assassination or small burst windows with high mobility like Subtlety possess, fights with high downtime will hurt our DPS a lot. Outlaw’s strongest aspect will remain target swapping and Aoe/Cleave, with pretty weak single target damage.

Big changes overall made the spec more consistent. However, Tomb of Sargeras’ T20 got nerfed to the ground before patch release, blocking outlaw from getting any big DPS increase like other specs’ did with their sets.The set being really weak is the main damage dealing issue the spec possesses right now.

Tier 15 talents

Quick Draw is the most potent choice here due to its versatility, synergy with legendary wrists and ability to deal with energy regeneration.


Tier 30 talents

Acrobatic Strikes proves to be the most versatile option to allow free movements and extended cleave/AoE range with Blade Flurry.
Hit and Run is pretty much a must when using Thraxi’s Tricksy Treads and Grappling Hook can prove to be useful on some high movement fights.

Tier 45 talents

Deeper stratagem is the only viable option as our main source of damage is our finishers.


Tier 60 talents

All options here can work depending on encounter and role in the group’s soaking.
Cheat Death  to soak Kil’Jaeden big armaggedon when combined with Feint.
Iron Stomach has proven its strength for the mage tower challenge and world content.
Elusiveness shines on fights where you’re normally not able to Feint mechanics due to them being single target abilities.


Tier 75 talents

Prey on the weak is the best option in term of damage. However Dirty Tricks has proven its worth in mythic + keys to interrupt adds with Gouge especially in Black Rook Hold.


Tier 90 talents

Alacrity is the only viable talent, giving us one of our best stats : haste.
Furthermore, the other two options provide very low damage and are extremely underpowered.


Tier 100 talents

                                             As viable as Slice And Dice can be, an optimized Marked for Death setup will definitely beat an optimized Slice And Dice, I recommend you to aim for Marked for Death.
At lower level of gear/player skill, Slice and Dice can prove to be better, it also has achieved interesting numbers in sustained AoE.


Roll the Bones Build: Stealth>MfD*>RtB*>Prepot>CotD*>Ambush>AR*>RtB>SS>Finisher

Slice and Dice Build: Stealth>Prepot>Ambush>SnD>AR>CotD>SS/GS*>SnD>SS>Finisher

*MfD: Marked for Death, 18 seconds before pull.

*RtB: Roll the Bones. The reason we use it 2 times in opener is to get extended duration on the buff(s). If you get 2 buffs pre-pull, do not reroll.

*CotD: Curse of the Dreadblades. Does not break stealth anymore.

*AR: Adrenaline Rush, gives Loaded Diced buff which guarantee to roll 2 buffs or more, keep an eye on this.

*GS: Ghostly Strike

Make sure to have the GCD used during Roll the Bones finished when pulling, this is a small detail of optimization but can help you getting a higher burst.

Using Marked for Death at 28 sec before pull could prove to work better as you would only lose 1 Combo Point in exchange of 10sec less on MfD cooldown.

Check the Gear/Legendary section for shoulders/+Wrists variations during opener.

When using Specter of Betrayal, use on pull after CotD. You can hold the trinket’s usage for 11 seconds max to line up with vanish/CotD, but not more than that as you need to have the previous shadow alive for 3 seconds at least for it to deal all the damage.

When using the Umbral Moonglaives trinket from Sisters of the Moon, make sure to have vanish up for it and use vanish 3 seconds after using the trinket or vanish instantly if you feel like the targets won’t last 8 seconds.


Spell Priority

With legendary shoulders, make sure to use Vanish after initial buff you get on pull expires on the conditions explained in the Gear/Legendary section.

With wrists, follow the rules from Gear/Legendary section.

Keep 2 buffs+ up with Loaded Dice.

Refresh Roll the Bones at 3 seconds left for pandemic effect.

Pistol Shot proc without capping energy.

Pool energy for Curse of the Dreadblades if you don’t have enough.

Curse of the Dreadblades with more than 80 energy.

Adrenaline Rush when available without overlapping Loaded Dice.

Marked for Death when available unless adds spawning soon.

Do not use Saber Slash at 5 Combo points.

Do not use Saber Slash at 4 Combo points IF Broadsides + Jolly Roger.

Keep Ghostly Strike up if talented.


You should always use SimulationCraft with 0.05% target error to find the stats you need.

Remember legendary shoulders lower the crit value quite a lot.



Greenskin’s Waterlogged Wristcuffs

Best single target legendary. Use Between the Eyes to keep the buff up, consume on Blunderbuss immediately or on Pistol Shot procs without capping energy.


Mantle of the Master Assassin

Second best single target legendary. The best way to use the 100% crit window from it is to Ambush at 4 combo point.

Follow it by Run Through on 2+ targets or Between the Eyes on Single Target. Having Marked for Death up for this window is very efficient. During mantle duration, use Between the Eyes over Run Through on single target as it does more damage when it crits. With Greenskin’s Waterlogged Wristcuffs equipped, use Pistol Shot procs between multiple Between the Eyes without caring about your energy cap to consume the buff.


Insignia of Ravenholdt

Decent single target, shines in sustained cleave situations. Make sure to have all targets in front of you.


The Curse of Restlessness

Versatile legendary. Proves to become extremely potent on Maiden, Desolate Host, and Demonic Inquisition (Mythic) as it lines up Curse of the Dreadblades with adds/shield.


Shivarran Symmetry

Should be used with Mantle of the Master Assassin, on pretty much any mythic + AoE situations. Make sure to have Marked for Death up, get to 6 Combo Points then use Blade Flurry, Run through, Marked for Death, Run through.


Thraxi’s Tricksy Treads

Gives high burst with enhanced Run Throughs, however this legendary takes the mobility of the spec away and does not perform as well as the ones above.


The other Legendaries are quite useless and I recommend you to sim yourself to find the strongest one.



Use Gray_hound’s spreadsheet

However, you should always sim yourself to decide if a relic is better than another.



Our despot Aethys and theorycrafter Mystler created the Ravenholdt Theorycrafting website including different simulation rankings, and trinkets:

Ravenholdt Theorycrafting



Gems: Quick Lightsphene (RtB) – Versatile Labradorite (SnD)

Neck enchant: Mark of the Hidden Satyr

Ring enchant:  Binding of Haste (RtB) – Binding of Versatility (SnD)

Cloak enchant: Binding of Agility



Flask: Flask of the Seventh Demon

Potion: Potion of Prolonged Power

Raid Food: Lavish Suramar Feast

Cheaper Food: Azshari Salad (RtB) – Seed-Battered Fish Plate (SnD)



WeakAuras: Ipse’s WA’s -Rogue
My Weak Auras.

This is a generic yet complete weak aura setup, however feel free to use another one that you may prefer!

BigWigs:  Download here

Outlaw gets the artifact called: The Dreadblades. This artifact grants us the ability: Curse of the Dreadblades. We can store 3 relics in our artifact, one each of Blood, Iron & Storm.

Our artifact tree looks like this:


What traits do we get and what do they do?

[This section does not include simple damage increases to spells]


Run Through has a chance to unleash a barrage of sweeping strikes against all nearby enemies, dealing physical to enemies and heals you for each target hit.


Hidden Blade
Successfully using Ambush guarantees your next Saber Slash to strike an additional time.


Activating Sprint causes Feint to activate for no Energy cost.


Blurred Time
During Adrenaline Rush, your abilities recover 15% faster.


When Saber Slash strikes an additional time, there is a 33% chance that your next Pistol Shot will be replaced with Blunderbuss.

Thanks for reading my guide, any suggestions are welcome, feel free to message @saberxd on discord.

Many and special thanks to @Lorentz (@lorentzwow) and @Loktark for helping this guide having accurate informations.