Outlaw Guide

Outlaw, formerly Combat, is now a spec based around; Run Through & Roll the Bones and being a pirate.

Blade Flurry
While active, your melee attacks also hits all nearby enemies for 30% of the normal damage, however your energy regeneration is reduced by 20%.


Roll the Bones
Roll the Bones, providing one of six combat enhancement buffs. Duration is increased for each combo point spent. [Replaced by Slice and Dice, if you take the talent]


Between the Eyes
Finishing move that deals damage and stuns the target depending on the amount of combo points spent. This is Outlaw’s version of Kidney Shot.


Mastery: Main Gauche
Your main-hand attacks have X% chance to trigger an attack with your off-hand that deals 210% physical damage.


Run Through
Main finisher, damage is increased for each combo point spent.


Grants 100% parry chance for 10 seconds, each time you parry an attack you riposte it back to the target for 100% physical damage. This effect cannot occur more often than once per 1 second. This is Outlaw’s version of Evasion.


Combat Potency
Your off-hand attacks have a chance to generate 15 energy.


Saber Slash
Main combo point builder, has 35% chance to strike an additional time, making your next Pistol Shot free. The free Pistol Shot buff is called Opportunity.


Tier 15 talents



Tier 30 talents

This is all mobility and is personal preference, however Grappling Hook works just like warrior’s Heroic Leap and is a powerful mobility ability. Acrobatic Strikes does increase the range of your Blade Flurry.


Tier 45 talents


Tier 60 talents

Every talent can be used depending on your job in the encounter.


Tier 75 talents

Mostly PvP talents, however Prey on the Weak will be used most times, as it increased damage on targets affected by our Cheap Shot by 10%. Dirty Tricks can be used as well for free Gouge, which grants 1 combo point.

Tier 90 talents


Tier 100 talents

Note: Slice and Dice is powerful for long living add scenarios, but if you chose this talent, make sure to take Ghostly Strike in Tier 15.


Keep 100% uptime on Roll the Bones and fish for great buffs (see Roll the Bones Fishing below), using 5-6 combo points. Use Adrenaline Rush off cooldown. Use Marked for Death/Death from Above as often as possible. Use Opportunity procs when beneath 6 combo points, unless you have Curse of the Dreadblades active and are in danger of energy capping. Use spare combo points on Run Through.

Don’t use any combo point gainers for the 6th combo point if you have 5 combo points, as you lose out on too many potential combo points EXCEPT if your Ghostly Strike has less than 6 seconds remaining on its uptime OR you have Cheap Tricks because then you can cast Gouge. BOTH THESE EXCEPTIONS ARE INVALID IF YOU HAVE BROADSIDES.


Roll the Bones Fishing

What can I get from Roll the Bones?


Agility > Versatility > Crit > Mastery > Haste *
* The stat prio will change a lot, depending on the amount of your secondary stats. You don’t want to get too much of stat A, as then stat B will outshine it. Sim your character to see upgrades!



Neck enchant: Mark of the Hidden Satyr

Ring enchant:  Depends on your stat. Buy a: “Binding of x stat”.

Cloak enchant: Binding of Agility



Flask: Flask of the Seventh Demon

Potion: Potion of the Old War

Food: Stat food, choose whatever stat is highest valued for you.


Outlaw gets the artifact called: The Dreadblades. This artifact grants us the ability: Curse of the Dreadblades. We can store 3 relics in our artifact, one each of Blood, Iron & Storm.

Our artifact tree looks like this:


What traits do we get and what do they do?

[This section does not include simple damage increases to spells]


Run Through has a chance to unleash a barrage of sweeping strikes against all nearby enemies, dealing physical to enemies and heals you for each target hit.


Hidden Blade
Successfully using Ambush guarantees your next Saber Slash to strike an additional time.


Activating Sprint causes Feint to activate for no Energy cost.


Blurred Time
During Adrenaline Rush, your abilities recover 15% faster.


When Saber Slash strikes an additional time, there is a 33% chance that your next Pistol Shot will be replaced with Blunderbuss.


Artifact build path

This will show you the optimal build path: how to get the most DPS out of your Artifact as fast as possible.

After 35 traits

This overview was written by Stjern, Twisting Nether EU.

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