Outlaw Guide



  1. Haste
  2. Versatility
  3. Critical Strike
  4. Mastery
  5. Sim yourself


Single Target


  • Toggle on Blade Flurry at 2+ targets
  • Be sure to toggle it off as soon as you are back to one target



Tier 15 talents

Quick Draw is the best choice here for, especially if you are using Greenskin’s Waterlogged Wristcuffs.

Tier 30 talents

The best choice for this tier is situational:


Tier 45 talents

Deeper Stratagem is the best option in this tier.


Tier 60 talents

The best choice for this tier is situational.


Tier 75 talents

The best choice for this tier is situational.


Tier 90 talents

Alacrity is the best choice for this tier in all situations.


Tier 100 talents

Roll the Bones Build:




Trinket and Legendary Use

Spell Priority

Roll the Bones Build:

Slice and Dice Build:

Stat Weights

Stat weights are very dependent on your gear. Go to Raidbots and use the settings below to find the stats that are best for you.


Tier Sets

Tier 21

Tier 20

Tier 19


Relics and Trinkets

Always Sim yourself to figure out which relics and trinkets work best for you.

For the latest class sims including relics and trinkets, check out Hero Damage.

The CrucibleWeights addon is very convenient for helping you optimize your relics. Hero Damage provides an import string for the addon.

Bloodytrinkets also has trinket sims which may be useful.


The best in slot legendaries for MFD are Greenskin’s Waterlogged Wristcuffs and Mantle of the Master Assassin.

For SND they are Insignia of Ravenholdt and Mantle of the Master Assassin

If you do not have BIS use any of the ones from the following list. You can simulate your legendaries via RaidBots to decide which of them to wear.

Flask: Flask of the Seventh Demon

Potion: Potion of Prolonged Power

Raid Food: Lavish Suramar Feast or Sugar-crusted fish feast from the Darkmoon Faire.

Personal Food: Azshari Salad, Seed-Battered Fish Plate or Lemon Herb filet from the Darkmoon Faire.


Due to the nature of mythic+ Roll the Bones is the better build regardless of gear as Marked for Death resets are too strong to give up.

Full Talent choices


Wear Mantle of the Master Assassin at all times.

Switch between Shivarran Symmetry and Greenskin’s Waterlogged Wristcuffs for AoE and Single Target respectively

If you do not have Shivarran Symmetry just make sure you use anything other than Greenskin’s Waterlogged Wristcuffs for AoE as the effect is useless with too many targets.


There are 2 important combos combining Shivarran Symmetry and Marked for Death for high AoE burst.

Other than these 2 combos try to fit in as many uses of Shivarran Symmetry as possible while maintaining the regular rotation with Blade Flurry up.

For when you are not in stealth or vanish is down.

From stealth or when vanish is up




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